I have submit my complaint against TimesJobs.com, but I am not getting any reply from their end till now, please read the details below, how they are cheat me.

"I am writing this letter in detail to let you know that how your representative Mr. Indrajit Bannerjee has cheated me. He had told me over phone that 3 companies have selected you after seeing your resume on Times Job .If you will pay & register yourself in Times Job we will arrange your interviews with the three companies. He called me twice & thrice daily & asked me for registration. But I was not taking any interest because I don’t want to take any risk. On 30th January 2012 he called & told me that tomorrow is the last day of interviewing and also told that the companies are selected you, that’s why I am pressurizing you to register. If you are interested I will send my man tomorrow to collect the registration fee i.e. Rs. 1840/- . Then I thought Times Job is a limited company, I can register myself . I told him to send his man. On that day your man had failed to collect the cheque. Indrajit told me over phone that “my man has got accident; he will collect the cheque tomorrow. Then I asked him about interview, because he told me “today is the last day for interview. After that he told me “ok don’t take tension, I will manage your interview” telling that he said “I will Call you later”. On 31st January 2012 at around 9.30 PM Indrajit called me & said that “ Mr. Ghosh I have arrange your interview with Axis Bank & I am going to take the HR of Axis Bank on conference. The HR of Axis Bank some Mr. Jana told me “we are selected you on the basis of your experience” then he asked me about myself, my experience & expected salary. I have told him all my details & gave assurance of my job. Then he told me, we are waiting for your joining. You can join us within 45 days after completing your paper work with times job”. Then Indrajit told me “ok, my man will collect the cheque tomorrow”. On 1st Feb 2012 a man had come from Gharpay money transfer & he gave me 2 receipts one is from gharpay & another is from Times Job. The next day I called Indrajit but he had switched of his mobile phone. Then I made call to your customer Care number and asked them for Indrajit , then your customer executive told me “why are you getting worried Indrajit will call you in time”. On 3rd Feb 2012 he called me and said, he was off yesterday, we booked your registration it will take some time to process. He let me know about the resume maker and I have to Rs. 399 for this & your company will make my resume in three ways with a covering letter. I had told him my resume is ok & I don’t want to spend more money in it. But after some discussion he convinced me to pay Rs. 399/- for resume maker. He collected the cash though Gharpay Maney transfer. After clearing my Cheque & collecting cash he is not receiving my phone calls till date.

On 8th February 2012 I have received a phone call from your representative Mr. Rahul Mehta, he asked me “ how did you fill the form of Rs. 399/- for resume maker, you have to pay Rs. 2700/- something for resume maker & in Rs 399/- we will ****yze your resume only & bla,bla. After some discussion I asked him about Indrajit, why he is not picking up my phone calls & he told me that He doesn’t know. Then I told him that “you can collect all the details from Indrajit & then call me. After that I called your customer care number & talked with Sumit Verma to I asked about the confirmation of the payments. Firstly S. Verma denied that your company had received any amount from me, but after some arguments he asked me about the payment details & told me Indrajit gave you a fake commitment. On 09 Feb 2012 I have given all the payment details to Sumit Verma & he confirmed that your company has collected the payment. How can Indrajit play with anyone’s emotion? How can your company allow this type of fake commitment with innocent people?

I write all the conversation happened between me, Indrajit & your CC executives in details because I want need full action against Indrajit Banerjee. I don’t want to keep any relation with your company & I want my money back with my telephone expenses. Your company's Representative cheated me badly & it left bad effect in my mind. Further I can’t believe any company."

I want to register a complaint against Times Jobs. Please help me.