I purchased an apple shuffle ipod from INFIBEAM with the cash on delivery option on 9th january,2012 with COD option.They delivered a used product moreover their invoice was improper as it never mentioned the serial number of the product.I came to know this when i entered the serial mentioned on the packet on apple's website it said that the warranty will expire in March,2012 means 2 months from then and telephone support is expired and apple offers warranty for one year so it clearly indicated that the product was used.When i contacted them and told the issue to their customer care(CC) they in turn arranged a pick up.After a few days they called me to inform that i had sent them a different ipod.They sent me new one and i replaced it with a used one and said that they will send the same product back to me but till date i've not recieved it.Today is 21st february and still no response.I've been calling them and everytime they say they will call me back but they never called.Their CC number is not toll free so everytime i call them it goes from my pocket.INFIBEAM cheated me.I've even mailed them the pictures of the product and the snapshots taken from apple's website and they told me that they sent me a new product and even told me some other serial number if that was the serial the serial then why they didn't mentioned it on the invoice why they had to hide it before.