The Customer Care Officer/Manager
Electric Supply (W.B.S.E.D.Co.Ltd)
Customer Care Centre: Budge-Budge Group E.S.
P.O.- Dongaria, Dist- South 24 Pgs.

Sub: Not showing the actual connection load in the electricity bill.
Consumer No: C291026
Service Connection No: CK/D/695

Dear Sir,
With due respect to your reputation, I beg to state that as a consumer of WBSEDCL, I need to draw your attention regarding my problem.
I had applied for 1.0 Kw load for my meter,Service Connection No: Ck/D/695 on 30.08.2003. But the recent connected load showing on my electric bill, reads 0.50 KW. This problem had started from Oct,2008- Dec,2008 bill & has continued till my last bill. But it was correct upto July,2008-Sept,2008 edition. I don't know how this problem had arose from the next billing period, i.e. Oct,2008-Dec,2008. So, I choose to draw your attention & I seriously hope that my problem will get your notice.

I have enclosed all the necessary documents which includes--
i.] The photocopy of the application form and its counterpart through which I had applied for 1.0 KW connection load.
ii.] The photocopy of the money receipt of the security deposit.
iii.] The photocopy of the July,2008 - Sept,2008 Electric Bill upto which the connection load showing on the bill was right(1.0 KW).
iv.] The photocopy of the Oct,2008 - Dec,2008 Electric Bill from which the problem started(the connection load showing on the bill was 0.5. KW)
v.] The photocopy of the previous bill of the billing period of Arril,2011- June,2011.
vi.] Quotation of the short fall of the security amount,2011-11.

Hope you will consider my case with utmost sympathy and take necessary steps at your earliest convenience.

Vill: Mohanpur
P.O: Aryapara
P.S: Nodakhali
Dist: South 24 Pgs
Pin: 743377
Thanking You,
Mali Purkait.

I have already submitted the above complaint letter to your Budge-Budge Group Electric Supply Office at Dongaria in South 24 Pgs on 14.09.2011.The compaint number was 2275.But no step was taken till 10.10.2011.