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This is a discussion on airtel within the Telecom forums, part of the Consumer Forums category; Respected sir I myself SUVENDU KUMAR MISHRA from state ODISA, city PARADIP PORT .I have taken a sim from airtel ...

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    Respected sir
    I myself SUVENDU KUMAR MISHRA from state ODISA, city PARADIP PORT .I have taken a sim from airtel local retailer since 4-5 years back,It is a fact that during that time i have deposited my proper documents & collected the sim.But the airtel office several times reminded me that they have not got my documents & to deposit it near by office or camp & according to there request i do the same also.Recentlly they did same thing & acc to there request when i went near by airtel distributor office to deposit my documents they first of all refused to accept my documents & after several request they kept my documents but did not gave me my received copy,after few days once from airtel message center a sms came to me to deposit further my documents otherwise the connection will be disconnected ,when ever i show the distributor the sms & asked why such sms is coming to me have u not deposited my documents in airtel office they ignored me & replied not to be worried such sms will stop automatically we have deposited ur documents,after 1 week i got my documents near by dustbin while i have my tiffin near by fast food center,Immidiately i inform about the matter to airtel customer care office & higher authority through mail,they assured me not to be worried after scanning my documents in computer & saving it they may be thrown my documents to dustbin,they have mailed me several time regarding this matter & contacted me by phone that your documents reaches our office & you have to not case any file in consumer court your connection will not be disconnected but sir as my connection disconnected today so i am filling agaist a case near you against higher authority of airtel officer for there falce commitment why shoula a customer will suffer.pls sir hear my case properly & take necessary action against them

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    Quote Originally Posted by airtel.online View Post

    We were waiting to hear back from you. Since you havenít written in yet, we trust your issue has been resolved. If you still need assistance, we request you to please drop us an email at airtelpresence@airtel.in and we will be happy to be of assistance.

    Rakesh Ranga
    Airtel Customer Service Team
    Respected Sir
    You have mentioned that my complain was solved but sorry to say what you have taken the action against nodal officer LIPIKA PARIDA & the distributor where i have deposited my documents & photo copy you have not mentioned or informed me,I am also totally not knew that such sms or call from now on will be stopped to coming near me frequently or not ,by telephone conversation you only ask me to sms the distributor address where i have deposited which i send it to you immidiately so how my complain is solved or how i got proper justice from you how i will know it,the same word was told by your previous excutives but it was totally false & fabricated,they all commited me false.So pleased sir hear my case properly & mailed me what step you have taken

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    Dear sir/ma'am,

    My name is Hina and I'm a supposedly to be a customer of Airtel
    broadband services for the past 5 years and working as journalist.
    However, since an year or so I'm facing tremendous disrespect and awful
    attitude towards your valuable customers services.

    The customer services executives are illiterate and contains no
    information about the any services provided by Airtel. They just
    misguide and provide full support in making the customer landing up in a
    big messy soup, where your mind, money, peace and business, all and
    everything just goes for a toss. In the end the customer keeps on
    running from pillar to post to resolve a simple minor issue of taking a
    new connection.

    Is this what Airtel promises us the customers?

    The story started when I applied for a new Airtel connection after
    relocating from Gurgaon to Delhi's, Safdarjung enclave area.

    I applied for a new Airtel connection via customer care support on 22nd
    march '2011, all the representatives were co-operative so far because
    they had to take money from me but now the twist comes when my money was
    out of my pocket on 25th march ' 2011. The representative came running
    in an hours time to collect the installation money. The representative
    name was Mr. Narendar and his phone number is +91-9971129328.

    But now the twist came when my money was out of my pocket, Mr. Narendar
    after receiving the payment disappeared suddenly. Meanwhile, I started
    receiving calls from other customer services reps to confirm my address,
    another problem which i faced now was mocking behaviors regarding my new
    home address, place to be installed. There was continuous pestering to
    provide them with alternate phone numbers? What was the requirement?
    when i had already provided the number of my direct contact, why they
    needed my mom-dads numbers?.
    They wanted the alternate phone numbers so that they can call up
    continuously morning/evenings and do collection calls and send
    unnecessary msgs.

    And this is not the end, after receiving alternate numbers of my
    parents, their old age will get suffocated because their numbers will be
    definitely sold to other phone number data buyers...

    Is it the real way to treat your customers and provide them with
    extraordinary customer services???

    After waiting for a week, I called Mr. Narendar again to inquire about
    the proceeding of my Airtel connection, ( which was the responsibility
    at his end), however i took the initiative as my work was getting

    I made call to him on 5th march' 2011, and guess what he has to say - "
    He bluntly refused to me and gave me a lame excuse that the connection
    is not possible to be installed in your house". I couldn't gulp this
    news down my throat as i have located in one of the most posh areas in
    Delhi, that is Safdarjung enclave and Airtel cannot get a new connection
    installed in this area? is it really true? Is this news real? After
    questioning the rep, he made another excuse, now Airtel can provide the
    connection in this area but the Airtel box which is installed is full of
    connections so we cannot install any further connection now. Do you
    really think that a reason to deny the connection? If you would have
    been at my place what have you done after getting misguided and pissed
    for 1 week? I would really appreciate if you would answer me that? Is
    this the right thing?

    Hold on it did not ended all here, I called him again to ask for the
    refund, so another excuse now- the money cannot be refunded as its the
    installation money which is non-refundable. Finally he ended this whole
    conversation saying that my home address is not accurate for Airtel
    company to provide any connection. So that means i should customize my
    home, my office, my personal and professional life just, in order to get
    a simple broad band connection installed.

    Now, i need an answer from you people that how to take this issue
    further because either you people look into this matter seriously and
    take some dutifully actions and get my Airtel connection installed or
    provide me with refund or i will take charge of this issue. Or i have
    to hire a lawyer for further proceedings for harassing me and making a
    bossiness loss of 10 lakhs in just one week, just because i did a
    mistake of taking an Airtel broadband connection.

    I would have initially took Vodafone or MTNL, at least my mind and work
    would have been saved from all this mess. Do you guys think that
    providing a connection you guys do some favors or obligations on the
    customers, so let me make it very clear and that whatever services you
    provide WE PAY FOR THE SAME. Its no charity that you guys do.

    But at least get some life and get sincere. "At least provide what
    Airtel promises". Guide and give the representatives proper trainings so
    that they don't misguide the customers. Least required is honesty
    towards your job. Live up the brand name of Airtel and do not let the
    prestige and honour of such a company go down and down.

    Airtel being such a big brand cannot install one small box and treat the
    customers in a much better way.

    Because if this issue will not be paid any attention, being a
    Journalist, I will take this issue further and further because now its
    my responsibility as a citizen of India to guide the layman in the right
    direction and at least enlighten them with e true face of Airtel.

    I'm very much sure that this is me who is taking an initiative after
    suffering so much, there would have been hundreds of me like this who
    must have faced or must be facing all these issues but are unable to
    take any action towards it. I'm sick and tired of the lame and
    inappropriate services provided by your Representatives.

    Looking forward to your reply and i would appreciate if you guys will
    sincerely look into the matter or else i do my further proceedings and
    i". I'm very much sure you must be aware of the consumer code
    proceedings? and other laws which are there to protect consumer rights?

    Looking forward to your reply

    With kind regards,

    hina khan

    My new home address is-
    Hina khan,
    Afsar building,
    3rd floor,
    Arjun Nagar,
    Safdarjung enclave,
    New Delhi-110029

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