I have been writing to IDEA the following letter since 10 days with no response & action from IDEA. This is strange and ridiculous.

I recently received the bill. I have certain issues as to billing and i hope you would resolve them without much delay this time. The bill dated 06th May 2010 with invoice no. 102583341 for the period 06th April 2010 to 05th May 2010 of Rs.4,956.72. The major items are :
1. International roaming Access Rs.175/-,
2. International Roaming Activation Fees Rs.1,000/-,
3. IARF Deposit - Rs.2,000/- &
4. ISD Deposit - Rs.1,000/-.

Just to update you about my travel dates, I departed on 29th April & have requested to activate the service before my departure. Dont know for whichever reason, IDEA didnt activated the International Roaming service and i had left with no other option. You confirmed the activation of the service as per your mail below on 01st May 2010 taht too within 48 hours. You must be well aware that the the delay was irreparable as i was already out of India. ou activated service and it was not at all useful to me as it didnt worked there. So, why should i charged for access charges when you did not gave me access at all. Also the charge of Activation fee was not informed and even why should this charge be borned by me in non availability of services. About the deposit, it was informed to me that Rs.3,000/- would be made but, why should i charged any deposit when my initial deposit is already lying with you. I am using your connection since a decade and in initial time all the connectio
ns were subject to deposits. Why should i pay the deposit at all when current connections are issued free of depsot and also in case of prepaid connection. I request you to reverse the same.

Please update me on all issues and reverse all the excess charges in my account. In case you are not willing to do so, i may think of surrendering the connection and contacting higher authorities for the excess billings.

Awaiting your early response.

Dont know what is to be done now.