My name is Mihir Kumar Jhaveri, had purchased 3G data card and post paid connection for the same by paying a 6 months advance rental in the month of April 2011 in Ahmadabad, Gujarat.
My connection was not activiated even after one month, so had gone to their Vodophone office in Shivrajani, and asked the reason. They said you have not signed the verification document when the person had came and visited. So I told them, do I look like a fool, if a person comes and talks to me and I do not sign the form, if i have paid 6 months advance rental.

So the Nodal Officer and Customer Head - Dipiti , told me we are very sorry, we will correct the problem. Again I meet them on June 28, 2011. They promised it will be corrected, they gave me a new sim. And told me it be activiated in 2 days. Now more than one week has happen and went and meet them today...they say it will still take time and it has gone for approval process.
Now due to this am running to them always and getting a causal reply...so like to raise a complaint and get back my 6 months advance despoit, 3G data card device money and the mental harassment for last 3 months for not give me solution.

Note: Have submited all the documents needed. Also am there loyal customer of mobile phone 2G for last 3 years.

Complaint is for my 3G Data card number : 9712950128

My email id is mihirjhaveri@hotmail.com and contact number is 9687610128.

Mihir Jhaveri