Two or three month ago I received a text from 9311271438 with the content that if we want to apply for passport call the same number. So I did the same, and word with Riya. She told me if we apply for a normal passport then she will take Rs- 2000/- per adult and Rs- 1500/- per child and for tatkal scheme she told me more than Rs- 5000. I told her that we don't have time go any where that is the reason I am paying Rs- 8500/- for 2 adult and 3 minor. she told me that we have to go passport office for 30 minutes because system has been changed, the applicants are required to go there for photography and rest formalities will complete her executive. I said okay, we can manage because its only for 30 minutes. On 28th feb we went there and I called to Riya to confirm to whom I have to consult but she did not response. Then we tried to apply by self and we had submitted three application on same day and for rest two we went after a week with fresh appointment because that day was completely end in applying 3 passports.
After applying all passport we called many time to Riya but she is completely denying to return our money and saying whatever I want do, go ahead and do that. Then I inquire about her company then I came to know, that organization is not authorize to do so.
I am not bothering to get only my money, I want that cheating organization should close. So They can't cheat others. Please help me out for the same. Below is the Riya's company address.

"Riya Tour & Travel"
UG-5, kriti shikhar tower
Distt center, Janak puri
New delhi - 58

Mob:- 9311271437, 9311271438