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Return of money for TDR filed ticket

This is a discussion on Return of money for TDR filed ticket within the Railways forums, part of the Travel category; Dear sir Please look into the below matter. I have made 2 e-ticket but the train was cancelled against which ...

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    Default Return of money for TDR filed ticket

    Dear sir

    Please look into the below matter. I have made 2 e-ticket but the train was cancelled against which I also filed TDR but after 90 days no money has been refunded.

    from tdrprocess <tdrprocess@irctc.co.in>
    sender-time Sent at 1:54 PM (GMT+05:30). Current time there: 10:19 PM. ✆
    to dineshpatra06@gmail.com
    date Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 1:54 PM
    subject Re: Fwd: Re: TDR file
    mailed-by irctc.co.in

    hide details Mar 26

    Dear customer
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly note that your refund amount of Rs. 1850/- against PNR No. 2528024971 has been credited to your card account on dt.15-mar-2010. Kindly check with your banker.


    Prabudh Misra

    care@irctc.co.in wrote:
    > Dear Concern,
    > Please look into the matter.
    > Email id :- dineshpatra06@gmail.com
    > Thanks & Regards
    > Sakshi
    > care@irctc.co.in
    > www.irctc.co.in
    > 011-23340000
    > ----- Forwarded message from dineshpatra06@gmail.com -----
    > Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2010 22:32:29 +0530
    > From: dinesh patra <dineshpatra06@gmail.com>
    > Subject: Re: TDR file
    > To: care@irctc.co.in
    > Dear sir
    > The refund amount of my ticket is Rs. 1850\- and in my irctc account it is
    > showing the amount has been refunded on 15th March. But there is no money
    > credited to my SBI A/c.
    > Can you please help me in this regard.
    > Best regards
    > Dinesh Patra
    > On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 9:40 PM, <care@irctc.co.in> wrote:
    > >
    > >
    > > Dear Customer,
    > >
    > > Kindly note that your refund is in process through TDR (Ticket Deposit
    > > Receipt). Refund under this category is processed by the railways under
    > > the present commercial rules and this process takes minimum 90 days or
    > > more. Once the refund is received from the railways the balance will be
    > > credited to your account.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > Thanks & Regards
    > > M Haque
    > > care@irctc.co.in
    > > www.irctc.co.in
    > > 011-23340000
    > >
    > > ----- Message from dineshpatra06@gmail.com ---------
    > > Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2009 21:20:40 +0530
    > > From: dinesh patra <dineshpatra06@gmail.com>
    > > Subject: TDR file
    > > To: care@irctc.co.in
    > >
    > > Dear sir
    > >
    > > I booked an e-ticket from TATA to BHUBANESWAR and unfortunately the train
    > > was cancelled.The details of the ticket is given below and also the TDR file
    > > has also been booked whose datails are also given below. I have already
    > > through the terms and conditions but found not improvement in the TDR file.
    > > So, I request you to kindly look into this matter and take action as soon as
    > > possible.
    > >
    > > *PNR Number* 2528024971 *Booked On* 25-10-2009 *Transaction ID*
    > > 0153917437 *Ticket Type* eticket *Class* 2A *Internet Service Charge* Rs
    > > 25.00 *Date Of Journey* 27/10/2009 *Ticket Charge* Rs 1850.00 *Bank * SBI
    > > *Total * Rs 1875.00 *Train No* 8478 *Railway Zone* ECO *From Station* TATANAGAR
    > > JN(TATA) *IRCTC Zone* Chief Regional Manager/Eastern Zone/ Bhubaneshwar
    > > (IRCTC) Bhubaneshwar *To Station* BHUBANESWAR(BBS) *Quota* Tatkal *Ticket
    > > Details*
    > > S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status
    > > 1 DINESH PATRA 24 Male A1 0017/ SL Booked
    > > 2 PIPASA BISWAL 23 Female A1 0018/ SU Booked
    > > *Reason For TDR* : Train Cancelled. *TDR Status* : CCM Registered *Reference
    > > No* : ekt200910280804402 *TDR Zone* : ECO *TDR Filing Date* : 28-Oct-2009
    > > *Refund Status* : Refund under Process *Refund Date* : Not Available *Refund
    > > Amount* : Rs.0.00
    > >
    > > --
    > > Dinesh Patra
    > > Geologist
    > > JEIM(Khondbandh)
    > > TISCO,Joda
    > > Orissa-758034
    > > dineshpatra06@gmail.com; dineshpatra_06@yahoo.co.in
    > > Ph No.- 09905743158
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > > ----- End message from dineshpatra06@gmail.com -----
    > >
    > --
    > Dinesh Patra
    > Geologist
    > JEIM(Khondbandh)
    > TISCO,Joda
    > Orissa-758034
    > dineshpatra06@gmail.com; dineshpatra_06@yahoo.co.in
    > Ph No.- 09905743158
    > ----- End forwarded message -----

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    Default Refund

    Dear Sir,
    I have booked one ticket for two passangers.But i lost my connecting train due to late arrival of earlier train.I have certified my e ticket through the Station Manager and subsequently filed TDR for refund.I have also sent several mails to IRCTC but all of them are only assuring me but still i am deprived of getting my refund.Please help me.The details are as under:-
    PNR Number was "6338047638", Transaction ID is 0185398311, TDR Entry date is 19-Mar-2010
    Thank you

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    Magesh G.

    Default Refund not received for the TDR filed


    Please check the below email regarding requesting for refund for the TDR filed. I keep calling both railways and IRCTC but now they started playing with me. IRCTC says that the request has been forwarded to Railways and hence it's not their responsibility, They can refund only railways refund them. Whereas Railways says that since we booked the ticket thru IRCTC and filed the the TDR with IRCTC. They can't do anything regarding this. Asking me to follow up with IRCTC regarding this. No one is giving proper response to my complaint. I marked my complaints to several higher officer. But none of them taking responsibility to give me any reply to my complaint. I request any of the concerned authority to please look into the below issue and do the needful.

    Magesh G.


    From: magesh gopal <magesh_gopal@yahoo.com>
    Subject: Fw: Re: Fw: TDR Inquiry and Refund
    To: tdrprocess@irctc.co.in
    Cc: fc@rb.railnet.gov.in, crb@rb.railnet.gov.in, drmmas@sr.railnet.gov.in, drmsc@scr.railnet.gov.in, ddpg@sr.railnet.gov.in
    Date: Tuesday, 27 July, 2010, 1:36 AM


    It would be of great help, if anyone responds to the below email and get me an update about my complaint on TDR.

    Magesh G.

    --- On Sun, 25/7/10, magesh gopal <magesh_gopal@yahoo.com> wrote:

    From: magesh gopal <magesh_gopal@yahoo.com>
    Subject: Re: Fw: TDR Inquiry and Refund
    To: "idpg" <ddpg@sr.railnet.gov.in>
    Cc: "IRCTC/Tkt" <Vgsubramanian528@irctc.com>, "IRCTC/Tkt2" <nprabakaran741@irctc.com>, "CCO" <ccocc@sr.railnet.gov.in>, "CCM" <ccm@sr.railnet.gov.in>
    Date: Sunday, 25 July, 2010, 11:05 AM

    Dear Sir,

    Is there any update for my below email? I didn't hear anything from you till date. Please let me know whether the money will be refunded or not. My request is pending since March 2010.

    Magesh G.

    --- On Wed, 14/7/10, idpg <ddpg@sr.railnet.gov.in> wrote:

    From: idpg <ddpg@sr.railnet.gov.in>
    Subject: Fw: TDR Inquiry and Refund
    To: magesh_gopal@yahoo.com
    Cc: "IRCTC/Tkt" <Vgsubramanian528@irctc.com>, "IRCTC/Tkt2" <nprabakaran741@irctc.com>, "CCO" <ccocc@sr.railnet.gov.in>, "CCM" <ccm@sr.railnet.gov.in>
    Date: Wednesday, 14 July, 2010, 12:13 AM


    Dear Sir,

    Receipt of your e-mail is hereby acknowledged.

    The matter is being referred to the concerned authority for necessary action.

    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    Joint Director, Public Grievances,
    General Manager's Office, Southern Railway,
    Park Town, Chennai - 600 003.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: magesh gopal
    To: ddpg@sr.railnet.gov.in
    Cc: drmsc@scr.railnet.gov.in ; drmmas@sr.railnet.gov.in ; fc@rb.railnet.gov.in ; crb@rb.railnet.gov.in
    Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 12:16 PM
    Subject: Reg: TDR Inquiry and Refund

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is regarding the TDR filed thru IRCTC on March 15th 2010 as my train got delayed for more than 7 hours due to derailment of a goods train in our route and moreover the route was diverted and cut short till Renigunta for the journey date 13th March 2010. The details are as follows

    Train# 7652
    PNR# 1245021646
    Journey Date: 13-March-2010
    TDR ref# ekt2010031501118309
    TDR filed date : 15-March-2010
    Railway Case# 10028

    Information forwarded to railways as on 24th March 2010 as per IRCTC website

    According to IRCTC customer service(Chennai) information forwarded to Railways and it is pending with Railways now. They are waiting for the response from Railways

    IRCTC TDR inquiry(Delhi) 011-23345900 - No response in this number

    According to O/S refund department Superintendent @ 044-25348531 who refused to give her name stated that I need to wait further for some more days. The information is pending with commercial inspector and they have not received any update from them. When inquired to provide me the contact person/dept to further follow up, She provoked me by not providing any proper information either about her or the concerned dept/person details and suggested to check in internet if I need to escalate it.

    After searching in the Internet called @ 044-25353157 spoke with a madam who further suggested to contact Public Grievance @ 044-25353743. On calling @ this number spoke with another madam and she told that Director is on tour, Hence suggested to speak with Joint Director @ 044-25352830.

    Now I am tired of calling any further. It's just a matter of Rupees 300/- but the way either IRCTC or Railways responded to my queries made me to come to this extent. It's already been 4 months since I filed the TDR. I request the concerned authority to look into this and do the needful. You can reach me @ 099852-57944 for any inquiry.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Magesh G.

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    Default refund not recieved for filed tdr

    pls look into the matter sir.. i have not received the refund of my amount although i filed tdr at jaipur long back on 22.11.2009 and till date i have not fot my amount back. my tdr no. is B005107. date of journey was 16.11.2009. pnr no. is 8459158841. i tried to contact several times but no use. ps look into the matter so that i can receive my amount back.

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    Default refund the amount

    Dear sir,

    i cannceled the ticket DMO TO BSB on 26-11-10.PNR NO:8536807680. TR ID: 0278042512. THROUGH ICICI BANK. but still the amount was not refund.

    USER ID: mvelu1982

    Thanks & regards

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    Kamal Chand

    Default status of refund for filed TDR e-tkt Pnr 6330478348

    TDR has been filed for my e-tkt PNR No. 6330478348 vide reference ekt200908150666166, transaction id 0132795962 on 15 Aug 2009. Despite elapse of more than one year money not yet refunded. Request intimate status at my mail id kc69dwivedi@rediffmail.com

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    Angry Non receiptof Refund amount

    I am Submitted tow PNR Nos 2112194764 and 2661128034 and TDR No. 062428 submited to your Chennai Office on 07/01/2011 but till date i am not received any refund amount from irctc. I am contacting you Chennain Office they give one DElhi No 011-23346568. I amcontact this numer its continuasily ringing nobody is picking up the phone.

    Kindly look in to the matter and arrange to credit the amount to my Card account.

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    Unhappy ticket amount not refunded after filing tdr

    pnr no.-6152694109
    transaction id.- 0300166390
    booked on - 24-01-2011
    date of journey- 15-02-2011
    tdr filed on- 16-02-2011
    it has been more than 3 months before , i filed the tdr for refunding my amount i.e rs. 578
    but there is no any response by either irctc or from my vendor bank.
    everytime, when i look under the tdr status of the ticket. it shows a refund under process
    and the refund date - not available.... if there is any provision to refund the ticket for more than 3 hrs late trains..why my money has not been transferred to my bank..
    kindly look before my reference no.- ekt2011021602140340 and take the required steps towards it.

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    Default Non Refund of TDR filed on 02-Nov-2010

    Hello Sir/Ma'm,
    I had filed a TDR on 02-Nov-2010 with details in blue as below:
    ************************************************** **************
    PNR Number: 4120512088 Ticket Type: eticket Transaction ID: 0241882726
    Booked On: 16-8-2010 Class: 3A Internet Service Charge: Rs 20.00
    Date Of Journey: 01/11/2010 Railway Zone: SER Bank: ICICIBANK
    Total: Rs 2700.00 Train No: 2890 Ticket Charge: Rs 2680.00
    From Station: YESVANTPUR JN(YPR) Quota: General To Station: TATANAGAR JN(TATA)
    IRCTC Zone: Group General Manager-1/Eastern Zone (IRCTC) Kolkatta

    Ticket Details
    S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status
    1 amit ranjan 30 Male B3 0060/ LB Booked

    2 juli ranjan 25 Female B3 0058/ MB Booked

    TDR Details
    Reason For TDR: Passenger Not Travelled. TDR Status: Forwarded To Railway Reference No: ekt2010112001749395
    TDR Zone: SER TDR Filing Date: 02-Nov-2010
    Refund Status: Refund under Process Refund Date: Not Available Refund Amount: Rs.0.00
    I have not got any refund for the same,i also sent email to etickets@irctc.co.in but got no response.
    Can you please help on this issue since date passed 90 days log back.

    Amit Ranjan

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    Default TDR filed by 23-Jan-11

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I had filed a TDR on 23-Jan-2011 with given the details as below:
    ************************************************** **************
    PNR Number: 4537177491 Ticket Type: eticket Transaction ID: 0290702529
    Booked On: 29-12-2010 Class: SL Internet Service Charge: Rs 10.00
    Date Of Journey: 21/01/2011 Railway Zone: SR Bank: SBI debit
    Total: Rs 847.00 Train No: 12632 Ticket Charge: Rs 837.00
    From Station: MADURAI JN(MDU) Quota: General To Station: CHENNAI EGMOREN(MS)
    IRCTC Zone: Regional director/Southern Zone (IRCTC), Chennai

    Ticket Details
    S# Name Age Sex Coach Seat Res-Status

    1 Muthu kumar 25 Male 0000/ Booked

    2 Kaliraj 55 Male 0000/ Booked

    3 Kamala 47 Female 0000/ Booked

    4 Patrakali 65 FEmale 0000/ Booked

    TDR Details

    Reason For TDR: Passenger Not Travelled. TDR Status: Forwarded To Railway Reference No: ekt2011012302055749
    TDR Zone: SR Filing Date: 23-Jan-2011
    Refund Status: Refund under Process Refund Date: Not Available Refund Amount: Rs.0.00********************

    I have not got any refund for the same.Can you please help on this issue since date passed 90 days log back.Pl send the refund immediate

    Thanks & Regards
    Muthu kumar

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