I am the regular passenger of Kovai express
once upon a time Kovai express introduced at that time seat arrangements are 3 + 2.
at that time I feel very difficult in 3 seat area. but now seats are 3 + 3, so many times
I want to complaint about this seating arrangement, because we are not lean person
nearly 7.5 hours journey like a hell travel. at that time 2 persons sitting and 1 person
walk-able to canteen than other person walk.
In sleeper couch 3 persons sitting one side 1 person sitting in other side, this is the
comfortable position in reserved coach. Same time un reserved coach also comfortable
seats 4 plus 1, but Kovai express is super fast and reserved coach that is the reason
for my complaint against the narrow seat. Please consider it.
member of Welfare Party of India