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Worst irctc website

This is a discussion on Worst irctc website within the Railways forums, part of the Travel category; This is to inform that the site IRCTC is totally harassing the public stating SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. This is a worst ...

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    Default Worst irctc website

    This is to inform that the site IRCTC is totally harassing the public stating SERVICE UNAVAILABLE. This is a worst site.

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    Thumbs down irctc sh***s

    The worst site i ever seen in my life is irctc.co.in
    Probably this is not for public use , it is only for railway agents.

    I just want not to see the website again..............asdfsasdafasf

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    Angry Irctc worst website

    The most irritating website of the IT-GENERATION
    Would like to scold them in all the languages khikhihAWFEIHI

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    Default Worst Site Irctc

    Irctc is the worst site in todays high speed world.
    50% time it contact administrator or service unavailable, rest 49% it hangs on any operation. It works 1% of time that to deduct money from CC for unsuccessful booking of tkts for which it refunds after 1 month.

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    Default irctc is a big shit

    irctc site is a big shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.......................
    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.......................
    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit.......................

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    Default IRCTC website is world's worst website

    IRCTC website is the ultimate shit created by Indian Railways to fool common people......

    This shit wud never work when we need it.......

    I don't know why they have made it, when they want to favour railway agents only......

    It'll always show ''service Unavailable'' and then waiting list......

    Please ask from people of india for charity if you don't have proper infra for maintaining this site.....

    Booking tickets by irctc.co.in is the most frustating experience of one's life...

    which IT company has made this site??? they shud be blacklisted from providing IT services... and railway officials shud be sewed for running this scam...

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    Default indian government have no wealth for IRCTC site maintain

    We shame on our Indian government. IRCTC site is not working ever, even they don't have time and money to maintain that. I am totally disappointed with that site. I think it was better when Lallu was in railway minister.

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    Default Definitely the worst site ever for such a useful service

    I have no words to insult the solution providers and the government officials who managed this delivery. School kids design, implement, and maintain waaaaaaaaay better websites than this.

    If the problem was only speed, I could understand that, but the design sucks, the UI sucks, the navigation sucks, every control sucks, every freaking thing on this website just SUCKS.

    Hail the lord of architecture who designed it. May God protect us from him and his firm.

    Seriously guys.... what were you thinking?

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    Default IRCTC worst site

    IRCTC is the worst site
    I don't know why they are not improving their site

    They all aware of that in India how many people will hit the site on daily basics .

    but i don't think that the Railway think about this they only think of making money..

    I will suggest that make railway reservation part given to private organisation.

    Then only we think for some good result.

    Bcoz railways employees are doing their Govt. Job

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