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Easy cab Service in Bangalore

This is a discussion on Easy cab Service in Bangalore within the Road Transport forums, part of the Travel category; Dear Sir/Madam, today, 16.10.2010 morning, I made a Easy cab booking by calling 080-43434343 for pick up and drop in ...

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    Thumbs down Easy cab Service in Bangalore

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    today, 16.10.2010 morning, I made a Easy cab booking by calling 080-43434343 for pick up and drop in the evening at 17:30 hrs from Kengeri Satallite Town to Konanakunte, Bangalore. This booking was taken by Easy Cabs and they gave booking reference 001114 through SMS at 09:11 hrs. The customer care representative who took the booking also said that the Taxi number, driver name and number details will be sent through SMS about 30 minutes before departure.

    However, evening till 17:30 hrs, we niether got any SMS or call from Driver/Easy Cabs and hence I called up Easy Cab Contact No. 43434343 to check the status. The person responded stating that I will be receiving SMS details in next 10 minutes. I waited further till 18:00 but in vain. I called up again, and this time, the officer was Mr. Hemant, and he conviniently mentioned that there are no taxis available in Kengeri Area so this service can not be made. I insisted that I need to speak to his superiors and then one Mr. Rahul, Senior customer care executive came on line and even he continued to state that there are no taxis available in the area and hence my booking can not be sreviced. He had no explanation/answer on to why this information was not earlier passed on to us. He only mentioned, that if I want to complaint, I can do so by sending a mail to their customer care centre.

    I had my 65 years aged mother-in-law whom we had to bring her from Kengeri Sat. town to our home in Konanakunte. She is physically weak and can not comfortably walk or board the bus. We had to undergo total inconvinience and look for alternative arrangements and then later we could get one call taxi at 7 pm and reach home by paying almost double than what would have been regular Easycab fare. The distance is about 15 km and Easycab charge would have been 225 Rs but we, after waiting and wasting our time, many calls to various other taxi operators, and by paying 400 Rs, reached home.

    Can this failure in service by Easy Cabs can be dealt in Consumer court / Forum so that at least users/commuters in future are benefitted with improved service quality?

    Thanks in advance,

    Sanjeev Kulkarni
    51, 2nd cross, Anjanadri Layout,
    Konanakunte, Bangalore - 560 062
    Ph. 0092-97422 87952

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    Angry Don't trust Easycab drivers (thieves)

    I booked an easy cab (KA 04 C 3093) on 1st of Jan'11 early morning airport for dropping my mother to airport. It was around 4:30 am and I sat with my mother on the back seat. After checking time I kept phone on the seat and dozed off. I woke up when we almost reached airport (it was past 6 AM). In a hurry to get my mother check-in in time, i forget my phone on the seat. i took a trolley, driver opened the dickey and put luggage on the trolley. The cash receipt read 988/-, but I gave 1000/- to driver and didn't ask for change. I hurried my mother to the departure gate. Just when my mother was entering the gate, I realized that I don't have the cellphone. I requested the security personnel to call my mother and took her phone and called on my mobile. Nobody picked up. I called 2-3 times. Nobody picked up. I called my wife at home to call on my phone and hurried to the easy cab personnel on the taxi lane. They called the parking staff and located the cab, asked their staff to search the phone. I went with the easycab guy, to the parking lot to find out that the driver was sitting relaxed on his seat. When i asked him, he asked me to search the car myself and told the easycab guy something in local language which I didn't understand. I told him that there is no way he could have missed my cellphone on the back seat. He picked his bag from the dickey and asked the easycab guy to search it. The Easycab guy told me that all drivers are directed to deposit all guest belongings at office. I suspect the dirver stole the mobile and gave it to one of his friends / colleagues at airport, so that when I called on my cellphone using the easycab guy's cellphone, it always rang. ALL FUTURE CUSTOMERS OF EASYCAB, PLEASE DON'T TRUST EASYCAB DRIVERS WITH YOUR BELONGINGS AND NEVER FORGO CHANGE DUE BECAUSE THEY DON'T DESERVE THAT.

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    Thumbs down Easy Cabs - Bangalore - Worst service - they will take booking but won't provide cab

    Yesterday Jun 8, 2011 I booked a cab from Easy Cabs thru their call center to pick me up from Kadugodi and drop at K R Puram railway station on Jun 9, 2011 @ 4:45 PM. They accepted the booking saying that I will get cab details 30mins prior to pickup time and got SMS with booking# A060956179.

    But on Jun 9, as I didn't get any message from them with the cab details as promised, @4:30 PM I called them up and at that time they said they cannot provide cab because no cabs are available in this area. Till that moment they didn't send me any SMS or didn't contact me to update that they cannot provide cab. And by the time I could get another cab and reach station, I missed my train and lost Rs2700/- which was paid for train ticket.

    Is it possible to file a complaint in consumer court against them?

    I request all to be cautious while dealing with Easy Cabs, they will take booking, will give you booking number but wont provide cab.

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    Default Do not trust easy cabs

    I Had booked twice easy cab from mumbai. Every time they promptly take booking and just before 1/2 of departure we get regret message.

    This is highly un professional spoling ones schedule and feel they better wind their business and do some dirty business and these call taxi business needs professionalism and i have not experienced this kind dirty service in any part of the world

    Easy Cab better improve or close ASAP.

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    Default Easy cab driver cancelled the trip after entering and moving half a km in Bangalore

    The cab on Jun 24 at 9.00 am from JP nagar to Kamanhalli.
    The cab came on time. We have bags and do not have big trolley.
    The luggage came to 5 bags and there weigth comes to 20-25 Kg approx.
    All the luggage came into the diki and we all 4 people get inside. Along with me my wife and my grand parents who are aged78 and 80 are there.
    After moving furthur I asked him to go via Diary Circle and MG road as this is shortest distance.
    To which cab driver refused and said he will go via outer ring road and the traffic will be more in the route I mentiond. I told that makes 35 km and where as Via MG road it makes only 18km. Already we had went once via easy cabs the same route to kamanhalli and has 18Km around may be 20Km. Also the outer ring road traffic will be very high at that time as the same route is take by my brother to go to office very day a nagavara by Volvo Bus. For him it take 2 -3 hours to reach office. I asked him to go via MG Road only.

    The dirver refused, I said the way you go is 15 Km more which is not acceptable, if it is 2-4Km its ok for me.
    The driver called his office and infomed that I am taking all my household things in his cab and want to cancel the trip and asked me to call the customer care.

    I called and customer care blindly believed and supported cab driver. They spoken in local language. I got angry and talked to the supervisor for the service he is providing to passengers.

    I have grandparents and they cannot enter the local bus with the luggage I have.
    At the end I had psostponed my journey to afternoon and put the leave in office..

    I want to file a complaint in consumer court for the service they provided. Is it possible to file a complaint and whats the procedure for doing the same.

    At the end I understood the cab driver wants to earn money only by going logner way.

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    Default Dont book easycab for catching flights or trains

    I made a booking with easy cab with the above reference number on the night of 7th July for a cab for the next day morning, 8th July at 8:30am. During my booking I mentioned that I had to catch a train at 11:15 am at Yesvantpur, which should take around 1.5-2hrs from my home. I was is no situation to miss that train. So I asked easycab callcentre person to book it only if it is 100% confirmed, else I would see for other options. The person who attended my call did guarantee me that the cab would be available.
    However, when I did not received the cab details even before half an hour of my journey (8:00 am), I called up the call centre at around 8:10 am. The lady who picked up the call said that it is under processing and I would get the cab details in few minutes. When I did not receive the cab datails in another 10 minutes, I called then back at 8:20 am. I was utterly shocked to hear that my trip was cancelled. Even the easycab representative who attended the call could not make arrangments for another cab. I came to know that the trip was cancelled only because I called them, else I would been waiting for the cab!!! I just cant think on how a cab service is run without a backup plan for technical failures like this. For this I had to make alternative arrangements at a premium of Rs 500/=. Its not only the financial loos, but the mental agony that I had to go through to make alternative arrangements and hoping that I can stiil catch my train is unbearable.
    My recomendation to anyone who is planning to catch a train or filght : Please dont book a easycab for the same. Atleast I am not going to do that for sure.

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    Default Harrassement by Easy cab

    One day me and my Sr. VP had to travel early morning. We had booked easy cab on prevoius day and we got ref number etc.
    On calling in the morning, I got to know that the cab booking is cancelled. I was shocked. Due to this we had to cancel our journey as we had no other options available due to rain.

    This was my third experience with Easy cab in Mumbai.



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    Chandra Shekar M



    I booked Easy Cabs on 30/07/2011 for 23:30, ty confirmed my booking but i dint get a cab at 23:30.
    I tried to call them again at 23:30, and they said your booking has been cancelled.

    They dint even sent me a cancellation.

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    Default easy cabs dificult service

    easy cabs people always makes life too dificult..i also suffered twice with their service...they should be ashamed and start new business since this type of cheaters can never change...my suggestion..never book easy cabs...if everyone follows they will learn the lesson ....:-)

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    Angry Do not trust easy cabs

    Hello All,

    I have booked Easy cab booking by calling 080-43434343 on 16/08/2001 at 10:30 AM to travel from HAL to Dairy circle. Travel time 09:30PM. This booking was taken by Easy Cabs and they gave booking reference A081624927 through SMS at 11:20am. The customer care representative who took the booking also said that the Taxi number, driver name and number details will be sent through SMS about 30 minutes before departure.
    We received the message with reference A081624927 after that we have followed up with call the customer care around 08:30PM and customer care people said that cab will reaching scheduled time.
    But I didnít receive the cab by time and I have given call to customer care 43434343, this time they simply said that cab canceled due some reasons but no clear explanation.
    I insisted that I need to speak to his superiors and they put me on hold for 5mins and they said will be arranging a call from superiors within 30min. this really very unprofessional from easy cabs.
    It was raining heavily and I need to take my 11 months baby and wife from HAL to Dairy circle. I have tried with some other cab service providers but no luck. Finally I took auto and reached dairy circle and paid more fare. Money is doesnít matter but inconvenience caused by easy cabs unacceptable.
    I had joining in MNC (not like to mention the name) Chennai and really I have tortured mentally by easy cabs.
    I would like to raise complaint against EASY Cabs through Consumer court / Forum. Can someone please tell me the process and guide.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ramesh nagar, Marathahalli,

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