I had got a new SBI Credit Card in April 2011. I had to pay early fees for it that Rs. 500/- for every year but eventually i was unable to use the card even once and I was unable to pay the early fees in the beginning but in NOVEMBER 2011 I received a call from SBI about the due payment of annual charges with penalty which was approximately Rs.950/- in total. Then in DECEMBER 2011 I had made a payment of Rs.1200/- which was more than the actual due amount on my card to retain the Credit Card services for me. Again I didn't use the card afterwards but i need to use the card in emergency on yesterday to pay hospital bill. I came to know that my card is still blocked. I called the customer care but on sunday SBI Card's customer care only works for lost & stolen cards, when I called them today morning they said they in their system it is showing that payment is received in DECEMBER 2011 but still the card is blocked and they can't activate the card.

My concerns towards this complaint are as follows:
1) I was never told that I will have to use the card once in an year and if it is so then still 1 year is not completed.
2) I had paid annual charges with penalty due to late payment 3 months back still my card is not working.
3) I was dependent on this card in emergency which indeed didn't work for me intense emergency, it was a matter of life & death.
4) If my card still doesn't work, the money I had paid was a waste. I had paid the price for no service.
5) Customer Care executives do not know the procedure to activate the card, they say it will be done automatically and if it has to be done automatically then who knows how much it is going to take?

I have to raise these issues with SBI Credit Card services which I had faced. Please tell me how I can get my services back and get the value of money I paid to them.

Jayati Tikku