Sir, myself KAUSHAL KR GARG,IES OFFICER in INDIAN RAILWAYS,at indian railways institute of signal and telecom engineer(IRISET),tarnaka road,secunderabad,


My Policy Number is 645682045. I made this policy through LIC Agent(at same branch) Mr BIKRAM PARIDA(cell-9963009172,9849084121,9391382627 (all three are switch off)). This policy start on date Oct19,2009.

Half yearly premium is 15162/- in the first premium. I have given a cheque of 7582/- and remaining 7730/- by cash. After 10 day he gave me LIC BOND and both the reciept.both reciept of transaction dated Oct12,2009.

After this i have paid two premium of january 2010 and july 2010 regularly.

Now when i went to the same branch for payement of january 2011 premium,i came to know that my lic account is suspended.

Branch Manager told me that the lic agent Mr.BIKRAM PARIDA paid the first premium amount 7730/-(which i gave him in cash)by a fraud cheque of other person name Mr.BN Rao(cheque no 57801).

LIC Authorities are telling me that Mr.BIKRAM PARIDA has committed a financial fraud of five lakh and is currently absconding. Still he is wanted by law of land. As LIC Authorities are telling me pay 7730/- again to them in order to activate my lic policy.

As a customer i have already paid the complete amount to the Bonofied LIC agent,and he also gave me lic bond,then why i need to pay the same amount 7730/- again to LIC.

It should also be noted that after more than one year,the LIC Authorities are telling me that some other person's cheque was used to pay my premium which clearly and completely proves that a big financial irregularity was going on in LIC(CITY BRANCH,OPP GANDHI HOSPITAL,MUSHEERABAD,HYDERABAD).

Not only me,but also 20-25 customer are cheated by that LIC BRANCH nad LIC agent.

The LIC Authorities are themself admitting that a big financial irregularities has been commited by LIC Agent Mr.BIKRAM PARIDA then also they are not sympathetic towords their customers who are being tortured and humiliated due to which the customer are undergoing mental trauma,regarding their hard earned money.

If Mr.BIKRAM PARIDA has commited a pre planned financial irregularity and is currently on run with money of five lakh, then why should i pay the lic, when i already paid the relevent amount to their LIc agent and same time he gave me bond.

As a LIC Agent, he is supposed to be an interface of LIC(A GOVT. ORGANISATION). If he has committed a financial irregularity then it become the responsibility of lic to compensate the financial losses of its customer who trust LIC.

Temporarly i paid amount 7730/-to LIC but i want to get back as and when the case is resolved because i believe that justice will be deliverd to me and the concerned person(victims)of this case.

Also i went 5 times to POLICE STATION GANDHINAGAR,they are not taking FIR against lic agent and lic.

I hereby request you to kindly look in to this matter and resolve the problem into the lic customer interest which is moral and legal too.

Hope for a speedy justice.