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Barclay card

This is a discussion on Barclay card within the Credit Cards forums, part of the Business & Finance category; Dear Sir/madam, This is regarding the barclay card # *************. It is very bad that since i have taken this ...

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    Dear Sir/madam,

    This is regarding the barclay card # *************. It is very bad that since i have taken this problems started arising.

    For sometime after getting this card i made regular payments, until one day i got a call from the bank saying that i can convert this amount to an EMI and make flexible payments everymonth.

    Oblijing to the above option i initiated this and i was confirmed from the bank end that my account was indeed converted to EMI and i can make monthly payment of 1,700. (confirmed by Heena from Barclay Bank. Collection Firm - Imphase, collected by balaram.). Even though it was confirmed it was not getting updated in the statements, when i asked about this, "Heena told me that it would get updated asap."
    since she was from the bank's end i took this easily and started making a monthly payment of 1700 everyonth this happened since may 2009( you can actually look into the payment history since May 2009.)

    In the month January 2010, as i was not in the country i missed a payment and there was no call either from the bank nor from the collection firm. In the month of February i got a call from the collection department asking to make a payment of 50.00 saying that my account was converted to EMI and this payment goes in closing the same. Accordingly i made the payment(please check my payment history and the call recording happened in the month of Feb 2010).

    Once again i got a call asking me to make a payment of 70.00, this time they said there was some mistake in the calculation and i have to a make an additional 70.00 to close my account.(please check the call conversation recorded in the month of Feb 2010 and the payment history).

    I was really wondered and had a doubt wheather my account was actually closed or not, before i could jump into conclusion i got a call in the month March 2010 saying that my account was not at all converted to EMI, nor it was closed and i have to make a payment based on my entire outstanding.

    This is the part which makes very frustrating as because of the previous missing payments and other charges towards it this had made my
    outstanding heavier.

    Inspite of all this i politely placed a complaint to investigate on this, there was no proper communication based on this from anybody and no one was able to give a clear explaination on how to proceed with this.

    i called the bank a number of times( you can actually check the call recording in the month APRIL and MAY 2010).

    Very much frustrated wanted to close the card asked for a settelement to the collection department provided by the barclay customer care exective. i placed a settlement request and i was told that they would get back to me once it is approved, but no one did.

    I tried again and found out that this option is temporarly disabled for sometime and would be enabled after some time. And i was asked to make a payment of 2500, till i get an approval from the bank for a settlement.

    Now a new problem has come since this i started making payments of 2500 everymonth, but this is not getting updated in the collection department,
    i get calls every hour asking for the payment.

    This is completely frustrating and am really running out of patience and am very much psychologically affected by the whole incident,
    and am very kindly asking for a solution to the above problem.

    Can you please settlement account asap.

    There is nothing in the mail that is false, you can check all the recordings and the payment history.

    Hoping for a positive response to this mail, please do the needfull asap.

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