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SBI credit card statement

This is a discussion on SBI credit card statement within the Credit Cards forums, part of the Business & Finance category; Using a credit card is good idea but you know how there are so many problems that can arise from ...

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    Default SBI credit card statement

    Using a credit card is good idea but you know how there are so many problems that can arise from credit card usage like pending bills, interest rates on them, the failure to pay payment on time attracts heavy charges on the outstanding balance and other issues. All these are very much complicated and a general credit card user may face lot of problem using the credit card. That is why you should always keep a check on your credit card statement. If you are using SBI credit card you are using a good service card and the SBI is known for their discipline, rule and services. You will definitely love their service. However be careful with your statement to keep a track of your money.

    There is an internet portal to monitor the SBI credit card statements and billing information. And this internet portal has been around since long and the members would really feel enlighten to know that they can now check the credit card statement sitting at home. When we have credit cards at our hands we are always tempted to buy things that we donít usually buy. Therefore there is always the risk of exceeding the balance of the credit card and also the debt keep on piling up. And because the banks wonít always disturb you to make regular payments, it is important that you yourself do the service of checking the SBI credit card statement.

    We need to know about this because you may not know when the amount exceeds and you have to repay the money at the month end with hefty amount of surcharges and other taxes on them. At times we also forget to pay the bills on time and the due date gets over. The non-payment of credit card bills on due date attracts heavy amount of fine on the outstanding balance. Besides the excessive spending is done by people because most of us donít know what we should pay at the month end. Once you know what should be paid you will automatically reduce the usage of the cards.

    To learn about the credit card statements and usage, you just need to visit the website of the SBI and find out the option of credit card statement. There you have to create a user account with valid password. Once the account is formed, the credit card holder would be able to check the credit card statement whenever one wishes online.

    And above all always try to make the SBI credit card payments on time. Making SBI bank credit card payments will not help you avoid interest or other charges that are applicable to the card, but you will be able to have peace of mind and perhaps the satisfaction that you have been able to manage your account properly and have avoided paying the company for the card the additional high fees that come to reap your course in the last several years. It will keep all your accounts clear and free from complexities.

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    G S Dixit

    Default Annual fee charging in respect of SBI Credit Card no4317575036729318

    I want to surrender/cancel sbi card as there was no annual fee till now.

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    G S Dixit

    Default charging on annual fee in respect of SBI CREDIT CARD NO4317575036729318

    I do not want to hold SBI Card no 4317575036729318 hereafter as SBI card shows annual fee of Rs827.27.Levying of annual fee was in practice till now.Hence please my membership to SBI Card may please be cancelled.

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    Smile non receipt of credit card statements

    Dear Sir,
    I am D.Emmanuel, and my Credit card No. is 4006661036533664.
    Every month I received SMS that you have despatched the statements.
    But the statements is coming after due date (very Late).This month till today I have not received
    the styatements.But ihave dropped cheque for Rupees Fourteen Thousand and five Hundred only
    (approximate)Rs.14500/- on 09-10-10 at the Coimbatore Rly.station SBI.
    Please send the statements at an early date.
    Thank you,
    My Email:emmanuelpillai@rediffmail.com

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    Default Surrender of my Credit card

    This is ramkumar. My Credit card no is 4006 6610 3863 7646. I have not used this card for the past 2 years, but i have been paying the Annual fee regularly. Without getting the renewal card i'm paying the annual fee property. At this juncture i would like to surrender my credit card. Please guilde my where should i send and what should be procedure. Even you can take this as a requrest for surrending the card.

    My contact no is 98414 28354

    Email id is

    kindly revert me at the earliest.

    thanks and regards

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    Default shashank kognole, Not receiving credit card statement

    I am Shashank Kognole, SBI Credit card holder since I have open my credit card I am not receiving my credit card Bills statement that is making me very difficult to me to pay bills in time. Every time I use to ask about my bill amount to customer care and pay the same.Please arrenge to send me my Bill statement every month regularly.
    Name: Shashank Khanderao Kognole
    Address: Anant Smriti, Flat No. 18, D- Wing, Katraj Pune 411046.
    Credit card A/C No. 5101 2869 2613 9363
    E-mail ID shashankkognole@yahoo.com
    Phone No. 09970848989

    I have paid my Bills of October 2010 of Rs. 4300/- on 04/11/2010 on due date It is debited to
    my SBI Saving A/C still today 12/11/2010 I received a call from Credit card office to pay Rs. 330/- As
    I am not receiving statement It is not clear to me. Please arrange to send me Statement every month
    regularly on my E-mail or by Post or by sms on my mobile
    Thank you,
    Shashank Kognole

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    Default Credit card statement

    We are not receiving the credit card statement my card no is-4317 5755 0534 9812
    pls sen d e statement to pur mail id is srideviassociates2004@gmail.com& also we want prasent outstanding amount.Pls send estatements every month
    pls do need full

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    Default credit card statement

    credit card statement was not received since so many months. Hence, I request you kindly sent credit card statement to my mail account i.e. rizwansher2@yahoo.co.in
    my card No. is 4317575514011908.

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    sudhir kumar

    Unhappy surrender of credit card

    i never used card from begenning and my name is in cibil having dues.i had taken for one year and no any statement recieved by me regarding dues.i request you to surrender my card without any dues as applied for one year and remove ny name from cibil.my credit card no- is 4317575025841181.my phone no-9835563484 and emailid is ankitvicky5@gmail.com.

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    Post statement for march2011

    sir, I have not received the march card statement kindly sen it by sms and email 9381801171 mail krishnamachari@dataone.in new mail id krishnamachari1940@gmail.com this time you forget to send the said statement by my mail and sms this is the first time i face this kind of difficulty kindly avoid this in the future

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