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Arya cambridge international school thane

This is a discussion on Arya cambridge international school thane within the School forums, part of the Education category; respected parents, parents who want to give thier child the best often go by emotions. Business minded / money making ...

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    respected parents,

    parents who want to give thier child the best often go by emotions. Business minded / money making institutions try to cash on, these emotions. The one school, that i know is called as ARYA CAMBRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, located at two places, in kalyan and thane. The thane campus is located close to muchhala polytechnic campus, on ghodbunder road, behind DCB Bank, thane west 400606.

    arya cambridge international school is affiliated to cambridge university, international examinations center. This is totally private board. Admissions to universities and colleges after 10th standard grade will be much easier by state board, recognised by government of india.

    INSANE amount of fees and charges. - Arya cambridge international school charges are as follows -

    1- cheque made payable to dixit education society - for rupees 25,000/- ( non refundable)

    2- for nursery - 1st term fees - 15,000/- ( for 3 months ) 2nd term fees - 10,000/- and 3rd term fees - 10,000/- total fees paid - 35,000/-

    3- books fees approximate for nursery - 420/- rupees .

    4- school uniform, bag and socks - 800/- approx

    5- food charges - rupees one thousand ( 1,000/-) per month

    6 - transportation charges - 1000 per month approx

    7 - the list is endless.

    Ok, even if you pay all the fees above, why do you send your child to study in arya cambridge international school.

    1- " to get international education"
    answer - indian education is recognised internationally, its education system is as per old british style, indian students standard 10th ( even from marathi or hindi medium) is eqvivalent to 10th standard is america and UK ( great britian).
    suggestion - Instead of cleaning your bank balance with the help of arya cambridge school, keep the same money or invest in childs future e.g engineering or doctorate, or just take some LIC or other children investments.

    2- " teacher student ratio is just 1is to 15" " This means, behind every fifteen children thier is one teacher"
    answer - FALSE. arya cambridge international school, thane campus, has students 30 plus with just one teacher.

    3 " we do not take donation"
    answer - donation is taken in the name of admission fees - which increases as the tides in the sea- last year was rupees 20,000/- currently as on date is 25,000/-
    suggestion - do not aim to increase the vehicles of the management, they already have enough.

    4- " we give personal attention"
    answer - false. forget about personal attention, arya cambridge international school, doesnt even issue identity cards for students. uniform are issued to students, when students complete one month at school.
    suggestion - talk to teachers before admission, older and mature teachers are experienced, in handling kids, rather than younger lot of fresh teachers.

    5- " we are INTERNATIONAL school, hence are fees are high".
    answer - international school currently do not come uder the purview of indian education law, hence, un sculpturous insititutions like arya cambridge international school charges fees ridiculously.

    parents, society, and educational bodies, kindly look into the matter of what i have gone through and wasted time money and energy.

    my son had taken admission in nursery. he attended the nursery class just for a period of one month. the teacher was unable to handle kids and were not competent enough, hence, regularly complained that the child is doing masti ( naughty in class).

    the teacher also confirmed, that the child is unable to learn anything,( because you guys dont teach anything).

    I decided not to waste time, and hence took child away from the school and struck his name off the school register.

    I lost 28,000/- rupees ( twenty eight thousand) just for one month of my child at that school.

    that is unfair and unjust , i cried and begged, the school said :" you pay fees today and ask tommorrow for refund, we never refund you" even if the school is proved to be in competent in providing education to a child.

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    Question Mahavir Jain school

    Dear Friends and Parents,

    Last month, I had been to Mahavir Jain school, Thankar pada school to take admission for my son. I found that the school is asking Rs.18000/- a yearly fees but will give a receipt of Rs.6500/- only.

    I cannot understand for what reason I will get a receipt of Rs.6500/- when I am paying Rs.18,000 ? We are indirectly asking ANAA HAZARE to sit for anticorruption bill and we ourself are telling and educating our children in such a school where such thigs are done.

    When will we set a proper procedure and process for our country to minimize and ultimatelt end the corruption ?

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    @Amit, very good that you took the decisive step of removing your son from the school. I know you must regret the lost money, but trust me, you'd have regretted much more if your child had experienced some sort of accident because of the negligent staff. Which school does your son go to now?

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