I visited GUPI BAGHA restaurant with my wife for hang-out on last friday(10-09-2010) 2 pm. After ordering some food my wife went to toilet. when she was in toilet, at that time she found someone was following her from the outside of toilet windows with the uniform of the restaurant boys. This is a very unhealthy matter i have experienced in my life. I am here for justice of this accident.

I'll be very happy if you kindly take some step against the restaurant. After my wife informed me about the fact I asked them for this. But they total denied. The area outside of the toilet window belong to the restaurant area. And i am sure the boys works in that restaurant are responsible for this poor activities.

Please take some step against those idiot peoples who are responsible for this bad experience . I want government to do something against this case. I am a responsible citizen of my country and i do not want this to be repeated.

Thank you Sir,
Nilanjan Dutta