Sharing the capture of my pathetic experience with dr panda - Asian heart institute...
Dear Dr Panda, AHI, Service Staff, Nurses, Admission Staff and all....

Wanted to share my trauma of being at Asian Heart Institute.

My father was admitted for Angiography as suggested by Dr Nilesh Gautam on 8th July.. We were called @ 9am sharp so we reached the hospital @ 9am sharp as called. We completed the admission procedure and went to the room by 11am. At 12.30pm, we were told that now you have to go to Cathlab for the Angiography. So my father was shifted to Cathlab. And meantime he was not allowed to take any food since he had to undergo for A`graphy. Meanwhile Dr Nilesh started Angioplasty for some other patient and we were told to wait.. again my father was hungry since one bothered to offer him a food..Ok now @ 6.30pm he was taken for the angiography and Dr Nilesh started inserting the wire through my fathers thighs...he was unsuccessful and than he tried to do it via right hand and in that also he was unsuccessful and finally he had to call some senior doctor who made if possible and A`grphy was completed at around 8pm. Now after completion of A`graphy Dr nilesh gautam was not at all bothered to inform us that what is the report and what are the next steps to be taken.

So we went on 3rd floor and met Dr Sapna who is an assistant to Dr Panda and I explained here complete story from the morning, again she raised her hand saying that this issue has to be handled by dr Nilesh and not by her, this made me loose my temper and I blasted her left and right and told that we were here since morning and till night you guys are not attending us and not updating on whats going on??? Luckily my voice was so loud that Dr Panda, his staff and one nurse also came out and started asking what happened and why are you yelling so loudly????

I kept on raising my voice even in front of them and Dr Panda consoled me and gave me an assurance that he will take up his staff for task including doctors. Also Dr Panda asked Dr nilesh that why patient was not allowed to take any food than he said that he was not aware that Patient was called @ 9am where as actual surgery was scheduled for 4pm ????? So pathetic response.

My conclusion is that AHI is running only on brand name of Dr Panda with completely pathetic service structure and they are nowhere near Lilavati and Kokilaben hospitals. I am sure we are one of the many who undergoes such pain but just keeping quite since they want to get away with smooth surgery without getting into any hassles. If AHI continue doing like this, I am sure you will be closed down one day.

I am going to highlight the same email in media and newspaper also so that one knows on how AHI works and what trauma one has to undergo if he has to undergo surgery with Dr Panda.


Yours highly dissatisfied customer

Ripal Shah
S/O Suresh Shah
Bed # 501 admitted on 8th July