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Please do not visit Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

This is a discussion on Please do not visit Sir Ganga Ram Hospital within the Hospitals forums, part of the Health & Beauty category; Such a waste. Took my fatherís life so lightly. Total Commercialization. Dr. Shyam Aggarwal (The so called Cancer Specialist) sitting ...

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    Default Please do not visit Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

    Such a waste. Took my fatherís life so lightly. Total Commercialization. Dr. Shyam Aggarwal (The so called Cancer Specialist) sitting over there like sitting on a kirana Shop selling masalas. He took my fatherís life.

    I feel like blasting the whole hospital.
    Sincerly request u not to visit Sir Gangaram Hospital. Dr. Shyam Aggarwal is such a waste fellow. He really should not be a doctor.
    My fatherís treatment was going on GangaRam Hospital since April, lungs operation was done. Since then all the doctors told us nothing serious and He will be cured 101%. and all the tests were done and all their reports were wrong. Treatment continued and there was no progress. We kept on telling the doctors that íthere may something serious, plz checkí. They used to fly it away in laughter. 4 Months later when condition became very critical, we went there and sat there in front of the doctor telling them, that ínow we are not going from hereí. Then they gave us admission and did all the tests. Now it was diagnosed that my dear father had lung cancer and that was in 4th stage.

    Now he is not there.

    Please, I want to tell you that none of the reports of tests done in Gangaram hospital is correct and the doctors there are not sitting to save peoplesí life rather they are there to take that money out which they have spent in there education.

    How can it be that 3 months before nothing serious is there, and 3 months later cancer is detected at last stage. Please let me know if anything can be done to teach these doctors a lesson.. Please this is a request.


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    Exclamation CCU Section - Bad Experience

    Date of Admission : 27th July, 2013

    My grandfather (Age : 80 years) was admitted in the CCU section of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital , New Delhi.
    The experience was terrible and extremely horrifying. The nurses in the CCU night shift (especially these 2 particular nurses from the state of Kerala - this is an hypothesis, as they were speaking to one another in Malayalam) have been responsible for my grand fathers condition to further deteriorate, and finally resulting in his passing away. I would like to ping down the following points that I noticed while visiting him :

    1) Nurses are extremely rude and frustrated. They have no manners on how to speak to the patient or the patients family. This one particular night, when my grand father was asking for water, and I told the nurse he wanted some, she asked me to give it to him (without even asking me to sanitize my hands - note, he was not doing great and had these tubes all over him). When I asked her to help him with this, as I was afraid that I may disturb some tube, she literally manhandled him, and forced a cup of water into him and he began to choke breathlessly. I thought I may lose him that very moment - but luckily he revived - but this was the medical care and negligence that one can expect from this great hospital.

    2) Every time I went to the CCU to meet him, I used to notice the glucose bottle was empty and only after I used to tell the nurse - she used to replace the bottle. This probably is the reason for his condition to deteriorate as well.

    3) The experience as a whole was one extremely sick episode. The medical negligence, coldness, lack of care from the nurses, lack of communication from the duty doctors, lack of attention from the duty doctors have all resulted in us losing our dear family member.

    I sincerely request all other families to never admit any of their dear ones in this sick, negligent, business organization called Sir GangaRam Hospital, New Delhi. In 9 out of 10 cases, lack of medical care, incorrect diagnosis and lack of communication about what is actually going on will result in a mishap.

    I would be filing a case against the nurses in the CCU section of Sir Gangaram Hospital for ill-treatment, man handling patients, negligent medical care against patients admitted.

    I also hold Dr. JPS Sawhney for being this ignorant about the team of nurses who take care of his patients in the CCU section - Doctor, I sincerely request you to take this matter up personally, and look into it. As a responsible doctor of your caliber, I expect immediate action so that other patients may not suffer the brunt of being taken care by a brunch of rude, frustrated nurses.

    Thank You
    Rajiv Tandon

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    Default Dr Shyam Aggarwal SAVED my brother's life. Thank U Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

    Dr Shyam Aggarwal SAVED my brother's life which he was about to lose because of a deadly blood cancer. Thank U Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

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