Tata docomo discontinued my service due to mismatch in documents, And after resubmission of documents three times they only said that your service is continued within 72 hours. This is happening from last one and half month. I sent mails to the main office also but they are not concerning the issue seriously. They neither gave me any answer nor continued my service. I should get proper justice. Details of the drama will be provided as follows

No. Blocked 8087837895

14 may 2010 service blocked due to missmatch in documents by tata docomo
27 may 2010 document submission by me and commitment by tata docomo of activation within 72
( between 14 may to 26 may i was at my home so, little late document submission but
prior to one month )

17 june 2010 Again documents submitted by me (2nd time) . tata docomo people submitted my
( i could not follow up you because of my handset under repair)

2 july 2010 third time document submission by me. commitment of activation within 24 hours.

but still My issue is not considered.

Please give me justice