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Airtel office @ Pattom

This is a discussion on Airtel office @ Pattom within the Mobile Service Providers forums, part of the Telecom category; Last thrusday I, (Sunil's wife) went to AIRTEL office @ Pattom, trivandrum to deposit a cheque for bill payment and ...

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    Angry Airtel office @ Pattom

    Last thrusday I, (Sunil's wife) went to AIRTEL office @ Pattom, trivandrum to deposit a cheque for bill payment and as this was for the first tiem i was doing that i asked them 3 to 4 times to check if the details mentioned in the cheque is enough and the male executive said its fine and i paid 330 rs cash and got a receipt for that after the guy checked the bill online. Today evening I got a message from my husband who was then in chennai saying the amt of 1499 has not yet been made. I rushed to the office and was shocked to find that they were at ease when i asked what had actually happened! they said they had kept the cheque aside coz i hadnt mentioned the number to which the bill was to be made. i was literally shocked.... coz, they cud have informed me. they have my number and also Mr Sunil's number not only that when i asked the executive y he didnt tell me when i asked him to counter cehck the cheque he was retorting in a very rough manner saying i shud have known it. is this the way ur executives are supposed to behave? earlier one of them gave me a very bad package while i asked her to mention a gud one for sunil who was always travelling. later we had to change it when huge amt was reflected in our bill. when we went and asked her abt it she was smiling and said she was sorry. who will pay for the extra amy we spent? I, as a customer, am extremely dissatisfied with the behaviour and irresposible nature of those people sitting at the Pattom Office, Trivandrum. Please do the needy at the earilest for I dnt want anyone else to undergo the situation that I had to.

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    Default Sending Irrelevant messages

    I dnt want to mention my name but for the time sake you can call me Shahrukh.

    I am getting messages from Airtel again and again even though I had submitted the proofs to them, when i did complaint mentioning the reason, then those Fucking Idiots told me, if you want to get rid of this tension then never take any life time validity scheme sim card.

    Those Mother Fuckers dnt know that there business in Kerala is going high becuase we customers acknowledges there Service.

    I am not from kerala, and I am here for work, so far had worst impression of kerala on me, because of the atitude of the people around here, if i am at shop to buy something then shopkeeoer think that i am in need and came to help. Fuckers cannt u b little polite and think that u r doing business and maintainig a good relationship results in rise of business.

    But Airtel, it seems they are spreading there gundaraj here in kerala.

    Guys Airtel is fucking ur Ass from long time, i will b leaving soon but yes you people will always be fucked by people here.

    No backbones, all you people here

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    Default information on broadband

    as i am an airtel customer, i contacted the customer to get the details about broadband service for my office, the CSR gave me a contact number 04844444121 for Broadband information, i dialled and got an IVR, Welcome bla bla bla, press 1 for english, 2 for hindi, no option for keralites(hang up and go to hell), this means if you(keralites) need any information regarding this service learn english or hindi. Ok i selected the first option (english) the IVR guiding to enter the landline number or account number(i didn't have any). i dont know the logic of this helpline and the IVR, it means that if u want to know about the broadband or landline service, first u need to get the connection then dial the helpline then u will get the information, then decide it continue or not(foolishness). then again contacted the customer care and inform this story, they are helpless, they had only information about the mobile service, i forgot the CSR name, i request to handover to the supervisor, he is also helpless, i request for the regional office contact number in trivandrum, helpless they had only the postal address, that means i can contact the office by mail or telegram or travel 40km to reach there and ask the service details, by email it will take 48hrs.

    what is for the customer care, wasting time by spending money for no information. customer go and suicide.
    For airtel team if u value me as a customer, pass me the information asap, u will get my information from the customer care, teamleader, they know the whole story

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    Default what is this TRAI regulation?

    i have been informed tat i here after even if i am in kind of booster plan i can send only 100 msg per day y is this so..pls let me know wat is this TRAI regulation .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ....................................... i called aupon the customer care but no response from them too

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    Angry AirTel Tirvandrum Scam

    i am new to kerala, i bought this number last week 9995877*** and i got two verification calls and today my out going calls are barred..when i spoke to CC they have no other options to solve this issue..for past 3 years i was using Airtel in Bangalore with no such issues...

    Kindly AVOID Airtel in Trivandrum.....

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    Exclamation Connection Disconnected.

    hi there. I recently switched my postpaid to prepaid by submitting all necessary documents on 12th June 2011 at Airtel Pattom office in Trivandrum, Kerala. Till yesterday the connection was going good but of a sudden both Incoming and Outgoing are blocked. I called up customer care regarding this and was in formed tat my documents were not submitted from airtel office. What should i do??? when at ur office itslef staff are irresponsible towards there work...or should i come to Vasant Kunj... yaar u guyzz are good but sometimes i jus don wanna mention.... y u ppl recruit dump-ass ppl for this kinda job....

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    Default sim activation

    airtel office at pattom is the most irresponsibe office of airtel. I have been an airtel customer at gujarat for the past 5 years and becoz of the best customer service they have provided there i thought of continuing with airtel in kerala also. I went to pattom office and took a mobile connection , citing permanaent address vagueness they rejected me a post paid connection and offered a prepaid connection. They collected money and gave me the sim, citing the reason that the officer who is in charge of activation have left early they promised me that they will do the activation of the sim the very next day, now three days have gone , they havent activated it and the contact number they gave to call in case if the sim is not activated by next day, no one answers the call. Unfortunately i am not able to go to that office also..

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