Mr. Sumeet Badlaney

Appellate Authority

Loop Mobile

I Mandar Sawant.I am using loop mobile from last 3 years. My mobile no is 9821687014. It was on belong to my mother name. In last month I transfer it to my name. And convert It to prepaid. But after converting to prepaid I realise that how ridicules of loop mobile customer service is! I send three sms for deactivate (UNSUB TO 55666) caller tune from my no but every time its deduct 3/- rs from my balance but caller tune remain active. Why? Your company doesn’t know how to do it? Or just want to harassment your customer? After contacting customer care they told “ it will be deactivate in 15 min” not happen , after second call this time customer care told me that my request has been register and it will be done in 3 working days. OK fine I will wait for that. But when today I just ring my phone by another no its show that caller tune is still active and you deduct 1/-rs from my balance. . And amazing thing is that I received sms that my caller tune is deactivated. What kind of joke is that? Are you Beggar?

As a customer I am asking to explain everything. And what about my balance which was deducted for deactivating caller tune?

Mandar sawant


Note: I already contact Nodel Officer but he also unable to deactivate caller tune on my mobile. I am confuse i hope you have power to deactivate it. And today (19/08/11) i check my balance its deducted 1/- from my account. Why?