Dear Sir,

I am using Reliance Unlimited STV worth Rs 799, valid till 19 March 2012.

As per the plan, Company give me benefit
1)Free unlimited calls to any Reliance phone in India
2)Free calling to any other Local & National Network" (Fair usage policy of Rs.30 mins/day will be applicable on Local Offnet & National Offnet Usage) .

When i call any reliance number, there will be no deduction from the account balance, while if I call any other company STD number, balance will be automatically deducted from my account balance.
I have complained regarding this issue 4 times in a row, but still gets no solution.

Below is the details of complain number....

173335507 26-2-2012 (Received message from Company)

173337071 Feb-2012

173440722 26-2-2012(Complain date)

173578442 29-2-2-12 (Only Rs 2 had credited in my account)

173894736 2-Mar-2012(Complain date)

I had received the message from the company that

Dear Reliance Customer,
Curstomer service requestno 173337071 has been resolved . Rs 2.5 has been posted for wrong charging. rest deduction is correct.

I haven't used any STD+Local call/day more than 30 mins a day from 21-Feb-2012.

One more message from company,

Dear Reliance Customer,
As per the Sr 173894736 has been resolved there was no wrong deduction found from your a c . Thanks
Received 4-Mar-2012 : 1:52 PM.

Today's Statistic :

pack activated : Rs 799 (Valid Till 19 Mar 2012)
Calling on STD number : 07316453418 on 5 Mar 2012 at 7:51 am
call duration : 4 min 5 Sec
Call Charge : Rs 2.5
Bal before call : Rs 62.25
Bal after call : Rs 59.75

As per the plan starting 30 min to any local or STD number calling is free, and there should be no deduction till 30 minutes.

I have complained regarding this more than 4 times but got no solution till now.
Request you to please look into this matter.

Swarochish Malviya