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Reliance mobile customer care

This is a discussion on Reliance mobile customer care within the Mobile Service Providers forums, part of the Telecom category; Reliance mobile customer care at your Service Any product in this world runs not only in its effluent service but ...

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    Default Reliance mobile customer care

    Reliance mobile customer care at your Service
    Any product in this world runs not only in its effluent service but also the backup services that the company can provide to the customers. That is why you will find all the big brands before opening or launching any new product would like to train its customer service personnel about the new product and tell them everything that they need to know about the product. The customer care service is like the backbone of the company. Without it no matter how big a name is, the company crashes. Reliance Mobile is a giant company that offers Reliance mobile connections to the people of India – both CDMA and GSM connections.

    Like all mobile consumers, the Reliance mobile connection users to face problems in carrying out various operations. They always need the help of customer care support to get the phone or service done and with increasing use of complicated mobile phones the customer service is very much inevitable in the sense, a person wishes to learn how to use the mobile internet, MMS, and other such facilities that the service provider offers. If you are a Reliance Mobile customer and wish to get the best facilities in your mobile phone and learn something new from the company, you would definitely need the help of Reliance Mobile Customer Care.

    You can get the customer care service either by dialing the customer care number that comes fed in all GSM SIM cards or calling the following numbers. Calling at the given below numbers would help you contact Reliance Customer Care.
    * 1 800 3000 7773 – Toll Free
    * Call 3033 3333 Or dial *333 from your Reliance Mobile

    If you still feel difficult to get the customer care service because of busy network and other problems the following list may help you get the customer care numbers circle wise like the place where you live, the place where your circle belongs to or the state.

    Circle State Call Center Number

    Bihar Bihar 9835098350
    Jharkhand 9835198351
    Madhya Pradesh Madhya Pradesh 9827098270
    Chattisgarh 9827198271

    Orissa Orissa 9861098610

    West Bengal West Bengal Including Sikkim 9832098320

    Kolkata Kolkata 9883098830

    Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh 9817098170
    North East Meghalaya 9863098630 & 200
    Tripura 9863098631
    Manipur 9863098632
    Nagaland 9863098633
    Mizoram 9863098634
    Arunachal Pradesh 9863098635
    Assam Assam 9864098640 & 200

    All these numbers are for calling the Reliance Mobile Customer care and troubleshoot all your problems that come in the handset or in the connection. If you wish to connect your phone to the internet, then you need to know how the phone should be connected to the PC or laptop or directly use the internet in the phone, the charges of browsing and other questions that pop up in your mind. The Reliance Mobile customer care service people are there to help you learn everything you wish to learn about the Reliance connection, products and services, tariffs, discounts, offers, night plans, free SMS plans and calling charges.

    Next time if you cannot get the customer care from the number that is fed in your SIM card, just dial any of the above given numbers if you belong to any of those circles!

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    Default Caller Tune

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a customer of your esteemed organization. I have been using your service for last 10 years.
    I was subscribed a caller tune and it was charged 15 rupees per month at the beginning. Later it was changed to 30 rupees per month and now it is Rs 30/- for one month and additional Rs 10 for downloading the song. So the total amount is Rs 40/- per month. Actually I am confused if the same song I want (without changing the previous song) is it necessary to download it every month? I spoke to your customer care executive 3-4 times but they could not able to solve my problem, even they were also confused and their statement varies from time to time. I want to know the correct charges.
    After getting this type of behavior I got irritated and one day I called the customer care and requested to deactivate this caller tune service. They confirmed me regarding the deactivation of the service. I verified the same by calling and speaking to the executives.
    My problem is not solved there, today (16/06/2010) strangely I found that my account is deducted by Rs 30/- and it’s due to the Caller tune which was deactivated almost one month before. Again I called the customer care but they are not in a position to solve my problem. They only said sorry to me. Quickly they registered a complaint (No.:-129404739) and asked me to wait for 2 days (48 hours) and disconnected the call. It happened thrice to me. Again when I called they said “we are saying why are you wasting our time” and passed the line to the senior (they said so) but disconnected the line rudely. Again this “passing of line” drama repeated thrice.

    This scenario forces me to lodge a complaint. I think it’s a mistake from your side, then why should I suffer? And wait for 2days which is meaningless. If it could be meaningful then I supposed not to loose this amount. I think the customer care executives should be more responsible

    Kindly do the needful
    Waiting for a positive response from your side quickly

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sitakanta Mishra
    Ph. No.:-98610 65554

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    Default messageproblem

    if i sent message to anyone it doesnt move forward and come unsent . ihave called customer care but they only give excuses

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    Default wrong migration to prepaid

    I raised a request to migrate my postpaid number to pre paid. I raised this request with "Reliance Communication Centre, Lingampally".
    The lady there initially suggested a reduced rental plan. Which I accepted. However, the rental was not reduced and i was charged according to the older rental.
    I went again and mentioned my intention to migrate to prepaid. They took the request and I got a call form a guy requesting the reason for migration.

    In the discussion, he offered me to increase the number of free minutes by another 100/-. I rejected that offer and requested if that can be done for my other postpaid number. He accepted the request and the call ended.
    But to my surprise, they migrated my other number to prepaid. I immediately called back, at first he did not accept the mistake but after some reprimanding, he accepted the mistake, apologized and said it will be done in 2 days.
    I gave him 4 days. When I called up the number it is switched off. I called the customer care, they don't have a case history and took a fresh complaint.
    I went personally to the reliance communications center and submitted the pre-to-post migration request even though it was not my mistake and though I was not willing to do so initially. The folks had promised to collect the documents next morning and even now the status is as is. they mentioned they want an id proof. when I took the pain to take the ID proof their office, they wanted an address proof.
    It has been 15 days to this day and the connection is still not active.

    It is like saying... as long as the phone is working, don't touch it. if you do try to change it, damned.
    I have escalated the issue to the following mail ids but no use.


    I have had similar experience with their Reliance Broadband+ post paid connection. They had sent me a 13000/- bill which they finally agreed to waive off after 3 months of struggle. I immediately terminated the connection.

    Right now I am planned to move all my reliance services (three postpaid mobile and one broadband+ connection) to prepaid.

    I would suggest everyone not to go for reliance getting tempted by their offers. Atleast not postpaid.

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    Unhappy no outgoing / incoming calls from 7428080732

    CDMA phone 7428080732 was purchased 2 weeks back and to my surprise tilll this date I cannot call or even receive a call from this phone . The state of affairs with reliance connectivity is pathetic . The following facilities may be given immediately , otherwise I will go to higher authoroties and this customer complaint will take a bad turn

    Please ensure to give the following facitlities at the earliest

    1. Incoming callls
    2. outgoing callls
    3. Activate roaming anywhere in the country

    As a customer we expect better connctivity and price for the oney we pay

    Kindly acknowledge at the earliest


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    Default Comlpaint against document submission (Reliance)


    i am sachin sarje i am using reliance prepaid connection i have submitted all my documents while taking the connection but these reliance people again told me to submit the documents for verification purpose again i have submitted all my documents second time and now after three or four days again they told me submit same documents and also they have barred my outgoing calls.
    i am very much fed up with the reliance service i have other responsibilities to fulfill.therefore i request the concerned authority to take proper action against this negligence because i have fulfilled my duties responsibly.

    thanking you
    Sachin Sarje
    Mobile Number:08088406964
    e-mail id:sachin.sarje@gmail.com

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    Default Connection barred

    The customer care Manager,
    Reliance Mobile

    Dear Sir,

    We are corporate client of reliance mobile, a number 9333561121 has been barred, the payment is already done but still called has been barred, so you are requested to look into this matter as most urgent basis.

    Mukesh Sinha
    Are Sales Manager-East

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    Default Activation

    I am a new postpaid customer with Reliance, and I am writing this mail out of pure frustration. I had purchased a new postpaid number from the Bangalore Jayanagar 4th Block office after blocking my Reliance prepaid number 9020657700. My new number is 9019167001. Unfortunately, I was not able to produce the address proof until 3 days had elapsed. I live and work away from my hometown and i needed to rent a house, which i did and supplied all the requested information. It has almost been a week and i have not been given access to make calls. i have visited the Reliance stores at Jayanagar and Koramangala several times, and spoken to a manager by the name of Mr.Prasad. Despite several requests and assurances, i am still not able to make calls. The customer support have expressed their inability to help me, over the process of several calls with them.
    Please look into this as it is very difficult to stay in a strange city without any other means of communication. If there are any issues with my documents, the same should be informed to me and I shall satisfy it, instead of blocking my number without any given reason and then expressing helplessness in telling me why it was done and how to remedy it.
    I am frankly at my wits end and have tried explaining to the several people i talked to that i cannot travel to and fro to the various Reliance offices at their wishes, as I too have a job to which i report to at 8 AM and return after 9 PM. Every visit to the Reliance office means a half day of work without salary for me.
    Please help me.

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    Unhappy auto activation of service

    dear sir i am a consumer of reliance GSM prepaid service and my no is 9548088449 .
    Sir I am very sorry to say that your serviceses are very poor for example caller tune and fun pack have been activated without my consent and maoney has been deducted from my balance, it is not at all good.

    Sir if this is bussiness then i am sorry your cutomer will no longer be your cutomer .
    So it is my humble suggestion that improve your sevices and stop cheating your valuable cusomer.And get my money(which has been deducted without my consent) back otherwise i will be forced to tke help from consumer forum.

    Your valuable customer
    Mob No: 9548088449

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    Default message sending fail

    i m not able to send the message. It keep on displaying message sending fail. I even called up the customer care 9863098630. But the common excuses stating that your complain have been forwarded,,you will get the feedback within 2 days, But they fail to come up with work, the problem is facing for me to send message. Even the network is so horrible. M fed up talking with customer care

    kindly see the problems at the earliest..

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