Here is a case of Reliace GSM breaking the reliance on Reliance Communication. I am a regular customer of Reliance GSM since the 2009 and usually spend 500-700 Rs every month on recharge. but the begining of this year 2012 , there is an unfair deduction of Rs 30/month since Jan'12 (as told by customercare representative on account of "Cricket live updated" service pack which the best of my knowledge i never activated. Usually i use to keep balance of Rs 500 so i colud not notice for the first two months. In March i came to realise about the fact and i followed the instructions followed by them to deactivate the service. But even after this the deducted the balance without giving any msg. I also availing the 1paise SMS pack offer on the same number for which they use to give a pre and post confirmation for deduction and confirmation of this service. But it seems really frustrating and felt cheated by this manner of deducting the balance.
Cant a person keep balance to avoid daily recharge? How any one rely on Reliance?
I have called '198' many times in the last two days each time telling me to call afterwards and the last call i had talked to even Floor Supervisor who said that i wont get any refund as it is acivated by me. Even after repeatedly telling that i didnt activated it , he stoped listening and simply disconnected the call. This is really frustrating to call on customer care as they use to take more than 10-15min to get a chance to speak and they simply refuse to lodge complains by saying "System updation" or "Technical Fault". On 09th April i called on 0920hrs, 1431hrs, 1933hrs and 1957hrs all the time they says to call after some time. I really dont want to spend my time in issues lile this and want a fair system and also want to get the unfair deductions by them. Kindly assist me or guide me . My Mobile number is 8010079674.