I bought a new Acer 18.5" LED-LCD monitor on 22nd November 2010.
Just 12 days later, i.e. on 4th December, the monitor stopped working.

I launched a request for Warranty Claim on 6th December, by calling on their toll free number [which is 1800-3000-1919]. They confirmed my Product Serial no. and I was given a Complaint ID [which is 101203546, dated 06-12-2010].

I got a call the next day by Miss Dolly [who happens to be the so-called "coordinator" of Pune section] saying that my replacement monitor will be delivered within 3 to 4 days. But on 11th Nov, the delivery guy brought a plain LCD monitor instead of my LED-LCD monitor. So I returned it.

Next day, when I called Miss Dolly [yes, I had to call her up!], she said that it will again take 3 to 4 days for the correct monitor to be delivered.

Since there was no call or any kind of notification from their side, I [again] called up the toll-free no. on 18th Nov. to check on the status and re-lodge the complaint. I was told that my complaint will be marked as urgent and I will definitely get my monitor on Monday, 20th.

And till today i.e. 23rd Dec, I haven't received any call or any kind of intimation as to what exactly happened to my complaint from anyone.

Is this called "after sales service" at Acer ?? First, I get a monitor that stops working then I, being the customer, have to call these guys to know my product's status!!