got a Airtel Hd STB on the 14th which was finally installed on the 19th.Was told upon contacting the customer care that i would be reuqired to purchase an extra top up of Rs 500 to acess all channels,which i promtply did.The next day saw negative balance being reflected against my account whereas on the 18th received message from airtel that the balance is Rs.2840 and on the 19th a negative balance of Rs1300. When I called up customer care they told me it was in progress and would be resolved in 48 hrs.
THen on the 22nd i called them up again to be told that they had noted my complaint and things would be resolved within 48hrs.
On the 23rd my stb stopped working and when i caled up customer care they told me as my account balance is negative they have suspended my account and things will only be rectified by the end of the 48hrs. I feel airtel is fooling its consumers and their customer care is the worst when due to no fault of mine i am being made to suffer.