Consumer Forum,

Sub: Regarding doing fraud act by Home Shop 18 on item selling.

I want to draw your kind attention, that ive purchased a Reebok Swift Shoes White & Navy Blue with Reebok Sunglasses UK-7 on 14 Nov 2011 order no. 907537263 from Home Shop 18 as per they displayed this item on their site.
I found a Navy Blue with Black Glass sunglass and I ordered the same because I need black glass sunglass. On first delivery I received Navy Blue shoes along with Golden glass sunglass. I contacted to Home shop 18 (01204444918) and they told me that I should return this glass via TNT Courier (18004259999 and 01160009999) and gave me their A/c No. too. I followed the same as I guided and returned the same on the same day I received i.e. 17/11/11 18.00hrs via TNT Courier (DO 303057665WW) to given address North India Top Company (P) Ltd, Plot # 319, Barthal Village, Dwarka Sector 26, Delhi 110077 along with a complaint latter where I clearly mentioned about their fault and my demand Black glass sunglass. But when I received this item second time they gave me same golden glass sunglass which I already refuse to received. So I again contact them and follow same process as I followed first time and returned the same on same day i.e. 26/11/11 15:15hrs. (DO 303059710WW) along with strict demand com complaint latter clearly mentioned my demand. And before I received the same third time I contacted to them and ask about my demand (where I mentioned to file complaint against them in Consumer Forum) and they assured me (ive recorded voice) to give me black glass sunglass this time and they again gave me golden glass sunglass today i.e. 12/12/11.
I found my self cheated, harassed along with mental tension all these days.
So I want you to take necessary action against them so that as they cheated (fraud) me, never ever repeat the same mistake in future with any one.
My point to file complaint are
1. They displayed Navy Blue Reebok shoe along with Black Glass Sunglass and send me Golden Glass Sunglass which I think they are showing something and selling some other thing as they want to be sold.
2. After several reminder via telephonic and written they only assured me and send me again and again same Golden Glass Sunglass. If it is not possible to send black they should let me know first time only.
I demand Black Glass Sunglass and teach them a lesson so they never ever cheat , or fraud to any one like me.
I hope you will take necessary action and give me justice.
Thanking you

Praveen Chauhan

Note : ive some proof regarding this case
1. Retail Invoice (order no. 907537263 dt. 14 Nov 2011)
2. Two TNT Courier Senders Copy ( DO 303057665 WW dt. 17/11/11 18.00hrs and DO 303059710WW 26/11/11 15.15 hrs).
3. a recorded customer executive voice where she assured me to give me black glass sunglass this time dt.09/12/11 at 9.27 am.
4. Home Shop 18 site page saved on 17/11/11 12.38pm where they displayed Navy Blue Reebok Shoe along with Black Glass Sunglass.