I booked an e. ticket through IRCTCs e-ticket services , as per details hereunder
Transaction ID - 0299095339 PNR No 2215784445 Class : SL
Train No & Name : 29020/Dehradun Exp Dt of Journey: 28.01.2011 Distance 0252 KM
Date of Booking : 21.01.2011 01.28.14 PM Dt of Boarding : 28.01.2011 Quota : General
From: H Nizamuddin (NZM) To ; SHRI MAHABIRJI (SMBJ) Total Fare : Rs. 106.00
Boarding : H. Nizamuddin (NZM) Resv. upto : Shri Mahabirji (SMBJ) Audult 1 Child o
Schedule Departure :1.55

Name: Inder Chand Jain, Age: 64 years, Sex: Male Booking Status : Confirm Coach No/Seat/Berth No : S10/0009/LB

Sir I am sernior citizen and wanted to go on the famous jain relegious place Shri Mahabirji in Rajasthan. I had booked the train reservation in advance for convenient night journey.
When I reached H. Nizamuddin station on 29.01.2011 for my journery, I found the train is cancelled for last over few weeks . I contacted the enquiry counter and the person concerne at the counter was also surprised to see the confirmed ticket for the cancelled train.

I was shocked to know all this and was in very awkward situation at this late night hours and to miss my pilgrimage trip.

I pray the kind forum to grant me justice and instruct the IRCTC and Indian Railways to compensate the same.

With sincere regards,

C-40 Ramdutt Enclave, Uttam Nagar,
New Delhi-1100059