Myself Vikramjit Dasgupta,

I made an online transaction of Rs. 300 through Recharge It Now on 16th of Oct, 2011 to recharge my Videocon D2H. After 2 days, when I saw that my account has yet not been updated, I called up my bank to confirm the transaction. They told me that the merchant has claimed the ammount and gave me my transaction ID/ARN Nos.

The merchant was from Gurgaon. When I called the merchant, he told me that I will have to wait for 7 days to get the correct information, though there is nothing such mentioned in the Recharge it Now website and it is an instant online recharge website. Again, I gave them a call after 4 days and told them that my D2H account has not been recharged yet. They again told me to wait for another 2-3 days and when I told them that I am going to launch a complaint against them, they told me "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO DO, WE ARE NOT BOTHERED ABOUT ANY COMPLAINT".

Its is a harassment for me. I am not worried about the amount, but the merchant is playing a big role in harassing people by not doing their proper duty.

I will be highly oblized if you look after the matter.