The newly launched TAB cab has a service deficit.

The deficit is linked to their service model where they confirm the cab is to come to your place and it results in the CAB driving away when we are 5 minutes late.

The car was booked for a 4pm travel from Malad to Andheri, the cab driver contacted me at 4 pm and then I had to give him the directions to my place. This took a good 20 minutes or so till he reached my point of pickup. On confirming with him of his arrival he barely waited for 5 minutes and left without informing us of his departure.

My wife who is pregnant and myself were left stranded in the middle of the road and were then made to realise the cab was not available for hire. I was then confronted with a rude and hostile caller from Tab Cab call center who informed it was my fault that I had not informed the call center that the car was delayed for the pick up and its service. We ended taking an auto rickshaw to cover our destination.

Having resulted in the harrowing ordeal, I am to press charges against the company which does not state in its website the waiting time before the cancellation of its service. There is no confirmed service potential for this company and it should be closed before any other customer is put through such a harrowing experience.

We have enough of companies and persons holding the general public at ransom for their own personal greed and vested interests. There should not be another sprawling at our doorstep when we can close their gates permanently.

The details of the booking were as follows:
Booking Id:B052705510
Date of Booking: 27/05/2012
Cab No.: MH 01 BD 5187
Name of Driver: Mohd Ansari

Hoping to get a revert on this soon.

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