Mode: X 505
IMEI: 910526604291347 and 910526603628341
Date of Purchasing: 17 July 2011
Complaint Date: 26 July 2011
Customer Service Centre : Ramesh Nagar (Metro Station)
Customer service officer name: Nitish Ranjan
Time : 04.30 PM

Subject : X505 have 2 MP Camera but actual lower quality then VGA Camera

I saw the advertise in internet site and I impressed the qualities of Micromax Phone X Ė 505 for their quality that 2 MP camera and other qualities. I was read their quality from the Internet and the Micromax website.

So I had purchase a Micromax Phone X Ė 505 phone from the local shop on July 17, 2011. I was surprised after purchase the phone that the Camera quality of that phone is very poor and look like lower than Normal VGA Camera.

I decided to visit for Micromax Service Centre and got address from customer service number for the complaint of Micromax, they provide me the address of Ramesh Nagar service station.

I reached the Ramesh Nagar Micromax Service centre at 04.30 PM. I found there are 2 peoples one is a female, I donít know her name and one is a male, but he is not in customer service officer, so after 5 minutes a customer service office came from the cabin, and his name is Nitish Ranjan. I requested to female officer that I have a problem in my phone that X505 have very poor Camera Image quality she told me the male officer will check your problem. But the Nitish was busy with his phone with some body since 15 minutes and I was waiting. They are not giving us good customer service and more peoples were waiting.

After his call I told to Nitish that I have problem with my X505 and his camera quality is very poor looks like lower than VGA Camera. He checked my phone and reset all the setting and said the camera is correct and image is ok. I told him that the camera quality is very poor and image pixels are not cleared. He told me if you want to change the camera we will do it, but we donít have the part right now.

I asked to how many days you will take for change the camera, he told me minimum 10 days or more, He said they will ordered the part after 30th of this month
I said, I canít my phone more than 10 days and more, he was giving me the reply very rudely. I said after 30 when I will leave my phone for change the camera he told me again 10 days. I donít want to leave my phone for 1 month, and said please take my complaint
And give me a reference# or complaint#, he refused me for take my complaint and said if you submit your phone then he will take the complaint and he didnít take my complaint. We have the rights of giving us complaint if we not satisfied with any service of the company.

I said you can take my complaint only for that my phoneís camera has a problem only complaint and after part will come I will submit my phone he refused me very rudely and he was not taking my complaint very seriously. I was very surprise with his rude reply and he is not taking my complaint.

I asked for provide me the Ombudsman office number, email ID and contact person name, he gave me the number 011-44770000 and I asked for contact person name he told me that the number is customer care number not Ombudsman office number and he said that they donít have Ombudsman office and number he have only the customer service number and he was giving to me very rude reply.

I think every company has their Ombudsman Number and in the service customer service office have also, but I was surprise that he is refusing that he donít have the Ombudsman number.

Please take the action and reply me over the email with in 10 days, other wise I will be submit a legal case to consumern court for that the Micromax donít have the Ombudsman office and their poor quality of customer service and cheat case also.