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Vodafone wrong billing

This is a discussion on Vodafone wrong billing within the Mobile Billing forums, part of the Telecom category; Following are the series of incidents that happened which caused wrong billing not once but twice for my internet usage ...

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    Thumbs down Vodafone wrong billing

    Following are the series of incidents that happened which caused wrong billing not once but
    for my internet usage on my vodafone network. Inspite of raising several complaints with Vodafone and also emailing them several times no action was taken

    1) I got a call from Vodafone sometime in mid December requesting to
    try out their new Vodafone 3G service. I asked details about the same to
    the gentleman who had called and he confirmed that I could use the 3G
    service when connected to my Laptop as well. Then I asked him to activate
    the service. He de-activated my existing 2G pack (99 Rs PM) and activated
    3G pack.

    2) Later when I tried to use the service in my home, the network was
    not available. I raised a complaint regarding the same with Vodafone but no
    action was taken. Hence I walked in to a Vodafone store to discuss
    regarding the same. The person who attended me said that the 3G pack
    activated to me cannot be used with Laptop. He said that only 3G packs
    above 699 could be used with Laptop (mine was 350 Rs pack ). So I
    immediately raised another complaint requesting for *revoke of whatever 3G
    activation was done (*as it was wrongly informed to me that I could use it
    with Laptop*) and to re-activate back the 2g(99 Rupees PM) pack. *The
    person took a service request and confirmed that *2G pack would be

    * *

    *[Let me re-iterate this point again: I was confirmed that my old 2G pack
    would be activated and 3G would be de-activated. I was also confirmed by
    him that I would not be charged for the wrong activation of 3G and that I
    would be able to use internet on 2G as earlier with 99 Rs per month pack.]*

    * *

    3) But when I received the bill for that month I observed that I
    was *charged
    on pro-rata basis for my internet usage*. Due to this, I again walked in to
    a Vodafone store and informed the same to the person who attended me. The
    person accepted the mistake done by Vodafone and told me that he would
    *take a service request regarding the same and the right bill would be

    4) This also was not done.

    5) Now when I saw the bill for the current month (Jan 2012), *I am shocked to
    notice that for the entire month of Jan I have again been charged on
    pro-rata basis for my internet usage (around Rs.4500) and also the charges for last month
    (Dec) have not been corrected. *Again an SR has been raised by me regarding
    the same. The SR number is 1340648472.

    6) After this I wrote an email to the corporate team of vodafone detailing them with the incidents that occured. They just sent an acknowledgement mail saying that the issue would be looked after and solved within 2 working days.

    7) This also was not done. I received no information on the status of
    my complaint. So I called up Vodafone @ 198 (tollfree numb) and asked for the status of my complaint, the person attending my call told that the issue is closed and that the amount would not be re-imbursed back to me. When I asked him details on why this will not be done, he refused to answer any questions. When I asked him to pass the line
    to a senior official he refused that as well. I asked him to send atleast
    acknowledgement message on whatever he told to me. He said he could not do
    that also.

    I dont understand why Vodafone has such rigid policies where in a customer
    is not given anything in written on what a request/complaint is raised
    against! Even when I asked the people in Vodafone store (when I walked in
    to give complaints several times), each time I would get a reply that
    everything would be stored in the database and I would just have to produce
    the SR number. As a customer is it not our right to see and understand
    whatever is being taken as a request/complaint??

    Anyhow, this is highly unacceptable and unexpected from a company like
    Vodafone. *In spite of raising repeated complaints, no proper action is
    being taken.*

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    Hello Anup,

    Thanks for writing to us with your concern. We are sorry for the inconvenience faced. Please share your number with us at Vodafone India - Complaints - Requests - Enquires we'll get back to you with assistance at the earliest. For any other assistance you can call us on 198.

    Vodafone Customer Care

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    Hello Sir,

    Would like to update you that I have shared my number at Vodafone India - Complaints - Requests - Enquires on 10/02/2012 itself! Till now there has not been any updates on my complaint.

    I have also escalated mails to corporate team @ corpcare.kar@vodafone.com. But there has been no reply from them as well.

    For this reason I gave a call to 08071711111 (after assistance from a guy in vodafone store). The person who spoke to me assured that she would look into the matter and let me know about the status. But there has been no reply from anyone after that.

    Would like to mention that, all the people of Vodafone whom I have come across till now have accepted that there was a request taken for activation of 2G pack (on Dec 21st 2011). But they were not sure why it was not activated and they went speechless at this point!



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