this is ismail pathan, a BSNL prepaid user from Mukhed, dist nanded Maharashtra, and i have been harresed a lot with the BSNL call center people and with the local Bsnl office staff, these people who are working for BSNL. these people dont have any idea abt the process they are working for, and they dont even serve u properly, i have been forcefully activated for a vas service called Chat Massenger from the number 5400030. and i have been charged 30 r/s for the same and that to 3 to 4 times, and when i called on 1503, to know what this service is abt and how to use it, the agents who answered my phone, they did'nt give me any information abt this and told me hold the line and dissconnected the phone, and this continues many times, first of all the lines to BSNL cust care get busy like anything and it at least take as hour to get connected to the agent, and top on that the agent give a very rude response for the same,

So here what i say is BSNL is the Biggest fraud and Phaltu telecom service provider, so please stay away with this service provider, beacuse i think BSNL dosent need customers.