I bought a flat in Kolkata in the Bengal DCL, Uttara - Tritiya project in March 2009. I had to shift sooner than most of the local residents since I could not afford a heavy EMI as well as a rent where I was staying.

Its been over a year now but we have not received the completion certificate for the project, however the builder is giving possession to everyone.

The lifts are operational but there is no completion certificate provided to the residents till date.

The fire fighting system is non operational, thus endangering the lives of all residents staying currently in the buildings.

Specifications of the rooms are way lower than the given tolerance limit in the drawings.

Moreover, the builder has been charging us a maintenane of Rs. 1.51 per sq. ft. without giving us any clarity on the expenses incurred.

Letters have been sent to their office and on emails asking for clarity on all the points (except the specification bit) but no answer has been received.

We had a meeting on 21st April 2010 where we were told that the incomplete work will get over within a months time but that month is now over 6 months and no progress has been made so far.

I would like to appeal against the builder in the name of endangering the lives of my family members afterall I did not pay such a heavy amount just to keep my family in danger from any fire hazard.

Any advise or suggestion would be useful.