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Bangalore Traffic Police

This is a discussion on Bangalore Traffic Police within the Police forums, part of the Government Services category; ----- Forwarded Message ---- From: Herald Thomas <herald_thomas@yahoo.co.uk> To: cpbangalore@rediffmail.com ; kla-reg@kar.nic.in ; compolbnc@ksp.gov.in ; addlcptrf@ksp.gov.in ; compolbnccdr@ksp.gov.in ; compolbnc@ksp.gov.in ...

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    Herald Thomas

    Default Bangalore Traffic Police

    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: Herald Thomas <herald_thomas@yahoo.co.uk>
    To: cpbangalore@rediffmail.com; kla-reg@kar.nic.in; compolbnc@ksp.gov.in; addlcptrf@ksp.gov.in; compolbnccdr@ksp.gov.in; compolbnc@ksp.gov.in; compolbnccdr1@ksp.gov.in
    Cc: addlcptrf@ksp.gov.in; addlcptrafficbcp@gmail.com; dcptrafficeast@gmail.com; dcpeast@ksp.gov.in; dcptrafficwest@gmail.com; adugoditrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in; madivalatrafficbcp@ksp.gov.in; ablemadivalabcp@ksp.gov.in
    Sent: Fri, 14 May, 2010 12:55:16 AM
    Subject: Fw: Bribery & Misbehaviour Complaint regarding Traffic officials, in uniform and, during duty hours


    I patiently waited for a reply from Mr. Praveen Sood. I was expecting a prompt reply from him, as earlier. However, I was mistaken. I am forced to take this one step higher. I will continue my fight against the corrupt and bullying Bangalore Traffic Police System until I'm sure that approaching senior officials could help the common people resolve the problem in the existing system.

    The city of Bangalore, in recent years, has expanded exponentially in all virtual directions.

    I believe the Bangalore Traffic Police is supposed to manage the traffic of the city with acute professionalism and competence. I thought their duty
    constitutes smooth and unhindered movement of traffic, reduction in accidents

    However, the Traffic Policemen at Bangalore can be found beneath shades of trees or flyovers lurking to catch people who might have broken any traffic law. However, they would never be found at traffic signals to stop people from breaking any traffic law.

    People are afraid to approach Traffic Policemen at Bangalore since they are afraid of the terror created by the Traffic Policemen at Bangalore. The Traffic Policemen at Bangalore have made a bad reputation of framing users with charges at their discretion.

    If you need more links to view people's complaint regarding the corrupt system, then let me know. I will be more than happy to provide you hundreds of such links containing complaint from the common people to protest the verbal and mental harassment and corrupt conduct by the Traffic Policemen at Bangalore.

    There is an inconsistent check on traffic police dealings with the general public. Whom should the common people approach to resolve their problems and report the verbal and mental harrassment suffered by them from the corrupt and bullying Traffic Policemen at Bangalore?

    I agree with Sandeep Warrier's statement in Jaagore: "I found these people only good at collecting fines from motorists. They are least bothered about controlling the traffic here, which gets worst day by day. If you travel around Bangalore you cant see any Traffic cops standing at the signal and controlling the traffic. Instead you can see them hiding behind Trees/Shops/places where there is no street lights etc just to fine ppl for any mistakes. And let me remind you that you cant get out of it without paying fine."

    Bangalore Traffic Police does not do its job properly, inspite of having all fancy gadgets and technology. They display their power only in front of law
    abiding citizens, but let the real offenders (cabbies, transport vehicles) roam freely. All they are concerned is to fill their pockets with bribe collected from common people.

    The duty of the traffic police, now a days, is limited only to collect fines, issuing tickets and filling their pocket with bribe, rather than controlling the traffic

    The Bangalore Traffic Police refuse to provide the common man their name or badge number. As per RTI, is it not our right to ask their badge number and name? Further, I failed to get the email address of the commissioner: Shankar M Bidari even after calling hundreds of police numbers. Is that how police men understand RTI: Right To Information?

    Who has given the right to Bangalore Traffic Police to abuses us verbally and harass us? Is it not our right to maintain our dignity?

    We come from various states in India and from abroad to work at Bangalore. Bangalore being considered as a cosmopolitan city has come in to the bad books of the layman due to the corrupt and bully traffic system. More than goons or thiefs the common man fears the traffic policemen. And the real offenders are encouraged to repeat their crimes by acceptance of bribe by the corrupt Bangalore Traffic Police.

    The question that remains is What needs to be done from the senior officials in the system to correct this corrupt system? And if, the senior officials, in the system, cannot do anything regarding this then whom should we approach?

    The Bangalore City Traffic Police" maintains a website wherein the "Complaints and suggestions" section does not work. After filling in the form, when we click on "submit" we get an error as displayed below:

    Server Error in '/doSubmit' Application.
    Runtime Error
    Description: An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

    Details: To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a <customErrors> tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This <customErrors> tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".

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    Notes: The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's <customErrors> configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.

    <!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->

    <customErrors mode="RemoteOnly" defaultRedirect="mycustompage.htm"/>


    Herald Thomas
    Mobile: 99722-22330

    Note: I drafted my first email to IGP & Additional Commissioner of Police(Traffic), Bangalore City late in the night with sleepy eyes. I need to append the below mentioned points:

    1) He asked me for the original of R.C. book of my bike. I informed him that I did not think it was a part of the essential documents I was to carry all the time while driving my bike. I was carrying the xerox of my R.C. book
    2) On Sunday, May 8, 2008, I went to Shivajinagar Traffic station, above the bus terminal, to meet the DCP: Mr. Muthanna and the ACP: Mr. Lokesh

    ----- Forwarded Message ----
    From: Herald Thomas <herald_thomas@yahoo.co.uk>
    To: praveen sood <addlcptrafficbcp@gmail.com>
    Sent: Wed, 12 May, 2010 2:14:27 PM
    Subject: Re: Bribery & Misbehaviour Complaint regarding Traffic officials, in uniform and, during duty hours

    Hi Sir,

    Thank you for your prompt reply. The FAQs section in the website of traffic police does not mention anything about traffic policemen having right to verbally abuse the people and demand bribery. Does wearing a uniform gives policemen the right to abuse people and collect bribe?

    Herald Thomas
    Mobile: 99722-22330
    From: praveen sood <addlcptrafficbcp@gmail.com>
    To: Herald Thomas <herald_thomas@yahoo.co.uk>
    Sent: Wed, 12 May, 2010 2:06:19 PM
    Subject: Re: Bribery & Misbehaviour Complaint regarding Traffic officials, in uniform and, during duty hours

    your understanding of the issues is quite blurred and based on misinformation
    read FAQs on our website of traffic police
    you will get many answers

    On Wed, May 12, 2010 at 1:41 PM, Herald Thomas <herald_thomas@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:


    IGP & Additional Commissioner of Police(Traffic), Bangalore City
    BMTC Complex 2nd Floor, Shivajinagar Bus Stand,
    Bangalore - 560 057.

    On Saturday, May 8, 2008, when I was coming back from my office located at "Embassy Golf Links, Off Indiranagr-Kormangala Intermediate Ring Road, Bangalore-71", I was stopped by traffic policemen before Madiwala Market Police Station. When I inquired why have I been stopped then they said that it was for checking whether I was drunk. I remembered that even earlier a few months ago, I was stopped in the same pretext. I asked them to check whether I was drunk. Post they checked I stated that I would complaint since every vehicle riders were being checked on the pretext of "checking for drunk driving." The constable started abusing me. when I requested him to control his abusive language, he demanded to check my papers. I said that on what pretext was my papers to be checked since I did not violate any traffic rules. The constable continued abusing me and challenged me what I could do. I took my pursue out and handed out the papers to him. He asked me for the R.C. book of my bike. I informed him that I did not think it was a part of the essential documents I was to carry all the time while driving my bike. Then he demanded for the original copy of my driving license, Insurance papers and emission test. I had the original copy of my driving license and emission test. However I did not carry the original copy of my Insurance papers. He retained and seized my original documents and asked for Rs. 500 as bribe which I denied to give. I demanded for a notice. After a lot of persuasion he handed over the papers to another officer who took me upstairs in the traffic police station. There I complained to the officer in-charge Mr. Medappa. He acted indifferent and took side of the constable. Then he brought me down to the road and after several minutes gave me the notice. He asked me to pay the fine at Mayo Hall court and then collect my original documents from there.

    Now, I'm supposed to appear before the Hon'able Traffic Court 1 on 17/05/2010 at 11:00 AM with original documents to retrieve my Driving License & emission test papers

    On Sunday, May 8, 2008, I went to Shivajinagar Traffic station, above the bus terminal, to meet the DCP and the ACP. I waited patiently for 2 hours since they were having a meeting. During my wait, I spoke about the issue to the inspector Mr Venkatesh and post the meeting I spoke to the DCP as well as the ACP. I had also given then a written complaint regarding the entire issue and requested them to take action. The DCP has promised me to take action against Mr. Medappa and the concerned 2 constables on duty. He assured me that he would inform me after an action has been taken against Medappa and the concerned 2 constables on duty for bribery and usage of foul abusive language. I am still waiting to be contacted from the DCP's office regarding the same.

    I forgot to mention that Traffic Policemen at Bangalore can be found beneath shades of trees or flyovers lurking to catch people who might have broken any traffic law. However, they would never be found at traffic signals to stop people from breaking any traffic law.

    Corruption and bribery has worst hit the Traffic Police System in Bangalore. Everyone knows of the prevalent corrupt bribery system however no one is ready to do anything about it since they either do not want to spend time on it or they are afraid to get framed by the traffic policemen if they take any action. I'll be sending a separate email to the entire system heads and others concerned

    Herald Thomas
    Mobile: 99722-22330

    Praveen Sood
    " Make a difference.....Feel the difference"
    visit our new website-bangaloretrafficpolice.gov.in

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    Angry Traffice Police Harrasment

    Dear Bidari Sir,

    I donít know if you will read this email or Complaint, Today(Aug 9, 2010) I had been to Indiranagar to collect my Two-Wheeler Vehicle insurance documents,while coming on CMH Road, Traffic Police(Shivashankarppa) & one Constable(both age would be around 50) caught me near to Chinmaya Hospital Signal left side ,Indiranagar, 80 feet road, opp. Swapna Book House.

    I had all my Vehicle documents (Insurance, RC book, DL, Emission Test) after checking these documents they are telling me that I was jumped the Traffic Signal and they started asking for Rs.400 as a fine. But I have not jumped the signal all vehicles were moving at that time moreover there was no signal at that time. I had argued with them for 30 minutes but they are very rude, they had harassed me for 30 minutes and used abusing language at me. They told me that I have to go to Court if I donít pay, After 30 mins of argument he is telling me for misbehaving to police I have to pay for 500/-.+ Rs 400 for Traffic Signal jumping, Total Rs. 900. There was no way left for me somehow I convinced and gave Rs.200 (without bill) and got out of that place.

    From last 5 years I had my all documents up to date without any delay in renewing them. I had obeyed the government rules all these days, but I really cursing myself. I think there is no value for the Honesty.

    Itís not only happening to me, whoever they catch they are eagerly waiting to see the victimís Purse so that they can assume how much money they need to ask and with what fake reason. Both were not interested in their duties they were interested to CHEAT THE PEOPLE AND MAKE MONEY. They are the ďDAY ROBBERSĒ

    Will you be able to take action on them?

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    Default Complaint against Traffic inspector K.S. Nanjappa

    Dear Sir,
    On 31-July-2010 at around 11.30 AM Mr K.S. Nanjappa Traffic inspector , who
    usually harrases the commuters unnecessarily with his own barbaric language
    who was checking Traffic in KR Road in front of Umamaheshwar temple has
    unnecessarily fined me 100 Rs for taking U Turn where there is no "U Turn
    not allowed" Sign board and Trafic signal is not proper. When I say that
    there was no board, he comes to hit me. He uses filthy language also says my
    DL is got by bribing. He speaks foul languages in front of my family who
    were in my car. When I said I would complain higher authorities, he used the
    words in kannada which meant F*** off in English.

    Please teach him descipline I will have to contact Lokayuktha and media if
    this continues.
    Hope you would take some action on this person.
    Thanks and Regards

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    Question Police jeep drivers collecting bribes by lying they are police men

    Hello sir,

    Recently I have been experienced police jeep drivers collecting bribe from public for smoking. There was no movie station, bus station, school, temple so it wasn't a public place. Also people who were collecting money in the name of fine without giving any receipts. The interesting part is they were not really police men, they were police jeep drivers holding some files that has printed "Police" in Malleshwaram (Vayyali kaval). After collecting money they went bar and had drinks and they were going on the same way. Why we citizens pay taxes , from where they get their payments? And important point is who gave these jeep drivers and all to collect money without giving receipts without wearing uniform at night? We even know their names.

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    Default where to complain and whom

    on 14/09/2010 while driving near nagawara signal it is reported by one of constable that my vechile bearing no ka 53 m 1067 at 18 hrs has jumped the red signal and dangerous driving and fine of Rs 500/- has been booked . I had been to the Pulkesha police station for the camera evidence for jumping the signal ,iwas told it was recorded manually by the constable on duty and this is only evidence and it was only my vechile that has jumped the signal at that moment .
    I am a regular user of this road and i do not jump signals for the past 15 years i am driving four wheeler there are about 4 to 6 signals on this strecth there are no other signals jump else where why only at this place ,this is one way they can collect fine form cars so that they can please the higher officers
    one time i had been told to stop for overspeed driving of my vechile on the same road when i asked them to show the proof for that the constable in the jeep could not trace my vechile for overspeeding there is a lot of confusion whether the constable has made the right decision without any proof it is not the way of collecting fine from the owners

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    Default Clearance of autorickshaw stand - reg.

    Dear Sir,
    This is to bring to your kind notice that I stay at the undermentioned address:

    Flat No.324/12, "Sree Niketana"
    1st Floor, 1st Cross,
    B.Channasandra (near Kasturinagar, NGEF East)
    Bangalore - 560 043.

    Our 1st Cross is a very narrow road and there is an auto rickshaw stand at the end of our road. There is also a bus stand located on an adjoining main road and added to this all vegetable vendors with their push carts cram up the place, making it extremely difficult for the residents of this road, to drive their vehicle into or out of the road. It is requested to please direct the auto rickshaw drivers to relocate their autos to a parallel road to our 1st cross, which is relatively empty and there is minimal vehicular traffic and it also eases the chaos on our road. I hope this request of mine, will be personally looked into and appropriate action taken in this regard.


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    Junior Member
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    Nov 2010

    Default Facing Problem to get acknowledgement(See Report) for lost vehcile

    Dear Sir,

    I lost my vehicle in June-2010 and i filed a FIR in Madiwala Police station.Policeman told to enquired after 3 months according to the rule.i waited for 3 months and i went to Madiwala policestation in OCT 1st week to get see report for claming vehicle insurance.But they responsed very badly and said "now they are solving dec cases you come after 6 months" i requested them again then they asked me to come next day.Next day when i went there and asked for see report, Police Traffic Inspector was explaning me comman man power in india and asked me about my work, office and said if byke is not available you go by bus.When i requested him again, he told me to go Adugudi Police station and meet up Police Commisinor to get the written permission from him.And the worst part was that other two policeman were standing there and laughing on my condition.

    Sir I kindly request you to take action on this situtaion, because like me many other peoples are also facing same problem.


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    Default signal jumping

    Dear Sir ,
    The Traffic police present at the 2nd gate of Electronic signal during the peak hours are just catching hold of people 2/4 wheelers eventhough they did not jump any signals .
    One of the policeman also agreed , it was only a matter of 100/-, so pl. pay and leave .
    The senior officer mentioned the signal might be wrong, that we will correct later , we have a fixed timing according to that it seems we had jumped the signal .

    Request to kindly take an action against the officers posted at the post .

    Thanks and Regards,
    An affected common man

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    Default Lorry Driver hit my vehical

    Dear Sir,

    Ref: Vehical No KA01B538

    The incident happened on 06/02/2011 around 12 PM near housing board near vijay nagar. A Small Eicher lorry by No KA01B538 hit my Honda Activa Vehical. Minor scratches occurred to my vehical.

    Further the driver started shouting & used very rude language. He even told that he will hit & kill me if i take any action.

    Please take action against him

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    Angry complain regarding traffic police

    Hi sir / Mam,

    This is regarding complain about Bangalore traffic police. one day i went to M.G Road with my friend.we both were driving in a very normal speed like 30-40 kph.by the time one another person was coming in very rude way and he was driving in 90-100kph speed.he came suddenly and met with an accident with us but at that time, the person(Traffic Police) who standing near to Signal he was looking at that fellow who was driving in a rude way but still he didn't do with that fellow.that fellow left away where an accident happened but that Bloody traffic police caught both of us and shouting on the road and he(Traffic police) was asking for money like Rs.1500/-.and he was telling until and unless u give money which i told u ,i wont leave you.even he was telling that i will complaining -you both were driving in rude way and met with an accident.

    so just to request to you to do some streak action for Bangalore traffic police.i hate this city's traffic police.one thing i want to say you-in my whole life i haven't seen any scenario in other city.

    please do some steps against those traffic police. if you consumer court are able to take some action then i will go to central government.i have some link to reach there and will take action against this bloody Bangalore traffic police.

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