Dear All,

I am user of Honda Activa since 3 years from Nashik Maharashtra.
I am single user of my Activa and I am S/W engg in S/w company, I am using my activa from home to office which is 2.5 km. Total running is 13000 KM.
I have done all my servicing on time as per schedule.
Still I face issue that my Activa Crank is bend and due to which I am facing starting trouble both in auto start and kick start.
When I raise this issue at the time of my servicing in May2011, my dealer Sanchi Honda Nashik has ignored it. Now last month when I face more problem I visit the showroom and ask to check it, they have diagnose the issue that many major part like Crank, Piston, Headfilter etc need to replace and it will cost me Rs.7000.
When I raise the support ticket to Honda Pune, they also not able to explain me how come crank of Honda engine can be bend, so they conclude that running of my Activa is less so oil get moisture and it harm the part.
I am not agree with it,but the ultimate harm is to customer.
My concern is when I am giving you my vehicle for servicing it is there responsibly to check the major things and to avoid future breakdowns.
So it is happened due to negligence of service people.

When I raised the issue to Pune Honda support center I have not received any written reply to my mail, only one person is calling me on phone, when I asked reply to my query through mail then it is said that, it is not there policy.
Can somebody believe company like HONDA can have such issues in customer support.