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From: Kandasamy Selvam <svhs_kandasamy@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: accident claim for my maruti omni vehicles number TN 02 AD 5076 sumitted with msm chennai
To: crm@maruti.co.in
Cc: crm@maruti.co.in
Date: Thursday, 24 June, 2010, 12:43 PM

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From: Kandasamy Selvam <svhs_kandasamy@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: Fw: accident claim for my maruti omni vehicles number TN 02 AD 5076 sumitted with msm chennai
To: crm@maruti.co.in
Date: Monday, 21 June, 2010, 8:08 AM

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From: Kandasamy Selvam <svhs_kandasamy@yahoo.co.in>
Subject: accident claim for my maruti omni vehicles number TN 02 AD 5076 sumitted with msm chennai
To: pramodk.kattamudi@maruti.co.in
Date: Sunday, 20 June, 2010, 8:41 AM

respected sir,
with regards to the above subject, i would like to inform you that my above said vehicle has been serviced by msm guindy for the past 2 years all paid services have been done by them. i had left my vehicle for heating problem on 12 june 2010 . whereupon they told the vehicle has been rectified of the problem and told us to take delivery on 14 june 2010 at around 6 pm. this problem has been there for the past 2 yrs and msm has tried to rectify the same problem of engine heating many a times but to no effect.
we took the delivery of the vehicle on 14 june and the vehicle was taken to our office on butt road just 1 km away. the next day we started the vehi cle at around 12 o clock and took it to dlf ramapuram to meet our client in the software park. at around 1.55pm we again started the vehicle and left dlf while on the road outside the dlf complex suddenly a fire started in the engine section of the vehicle at 2 pm. our driver and manager were on the said vehicle and they tried to douse the fire and cooled it. after which my manager called up msm guindy saying that the car had cought fire and kindly send some mechanic. msm promptly sent 2 people immediately within 20 minutes of our call. they saw the vehicle and called up the vehicle to tow our vehicle. they took our vehicle to msm guindy. by then our vehicle had done just 16kms after the last service on 14 th june.
msm officials had promised that this was a minor accident and nothing to worry the problem would be taken care of as the car was insured.
the next day they said that i will have to bear 2500rs from ourside this was told to us by mr madan who is the service manager at msm guindy.
then they asked us to hand over original rc book, driving license and insurance all in original, which we submitted to them.
they then asked us to fill up the claim form.
the next day they called us up and said the insurance cannot be claimed as the vehicle has been fitted with lpg kit.
the lpg kit has been endorsed in our rc book on 4th january 2010.
the insuarance was renewed by msm guindy of our vehicle on 24th feb 2010. at the time of renewing the insurance of our vehicle the vehicle was lying in msm guindy only, the people took photographs of the vehicle and asked for original rc book which we had submitted at that time. the rc book had the lpg endorsement on it, further the tank and other lpg system was also in our vehicle. what were the msm officials doing then. they should have guided us during the insurance renewal. the insurance certificate issued by royal sundaram alliance insu co ltd.
now suddenly they are saying that since the lpg endorsement is not done in the insurance policy of the vehicle the insurance cant be claimed.
and they have given us a quotation of rs 1,02,749.27 for rectification of the problem.
but to my little knowledge i have been going to msm regularly for the rectification of the heating problem in my vehicle.and i believe that the fire had occured due to over heating only.
the behaviour of the msm staff is horrible since they are not at all ready to talk about their mistakes and are telling me to either take the vehicle or get it repaired. and not talk about the claim. i have also met the general manager of msm guindy but he too is not willing to help us out.
on the contrary they are saying the vehicle got fired due to gas fitment done outside of msm.
kindly note the following details.
a) the vehicle was not running on lpg
b) there was no lpg in the tank
c) all parts of the lpg kit are intact including the rubber hoses of the lpg kit, which are in the engine area.
d) the vehicle has been running on petrol for almost 15 days prior to the accident.
then how come they claim that the vehicle got fired due to lpg.
the vehicle is lying with msm guindy till date.
i am amused and feel insulted with the behaviour of msm guindy office staff.
they are only saying that the engine is working but the wiring has got fired.
i felt that i should inform you of the incidents and take your kind guidnece and help in rectifying the problem, before taking any action against msm guindy.

kindly inform me what i should do.
anticipating your early response to this mail.

s kandasamy
no 5/658, selvavinayagar koil st, mogappair west, chennai 37

for my car probeam askikg msm and maruti suzuki is not respons sir
so pleas help me sir
long time we have sent to you several reminders, but have received no reply maruti service masters and maruti suzuki, kindly settle the action