Dear Sir,

I booked the bike Suzuki Zeus from one local sub dealer K.S.Auto Agency,Pudupattinam,Kalpakkam (TN) on 13.07.10.I gave him Rs.30,000 as an advance with the promise that he will give me the vehicle in 2 days.After contacting him in next two days,he said he will give it in next week.He continued promising me for 2 months and I was going to him with hope that surely i will get the vehicle in next week.Like this 3 months over,he keep on telling me some reason for not getting the bike in market.As I was particular about red colour bike and he was not able to give the bike in 3 months, I told him to return the money back to me urgently as I took that money as a loan from my department and I should submit the documents in one month.Finally after lots of requests he gave me the cheque of Rs.30,000.After depositing the cheque in sbi ,bank manager told me to wait for 20 days to credit the amount in bank as it was a local bank cheque.After one month I came to know that cheque has bounced back as there was no sufficient fund in his account.After informing him,he tried to chit me by saying that though money was there in his account,bank has returned the cheque.I was really fed up with this person as it was delaying like anything and every time he use to tell one different reason.When I told him to return the money as cash,he said he doesn't have ATM and he should not debit the money for 5 days as per his lawyer since he has put the case on canara bank.
Finally my limit crossed and one day I told him,if u r not returning the money I will take legal action against u.At last he gave me the money by cash after withdrawing it from his ATM on 25.12.10 e.g.after six months.
It was a very very horrible lesson for me.I request all of u to not to give any advance money to these kind of cheaters.Also I request consumer court to take legal action against this sub dealer of suzuki for doing mental harrasement and chitting.