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C-Cubed Solutions | offers worst BPO Job

This is a discussion on C-Cubed Solutions | offers worst BPO Job within the Business & Finance forums, part of the Consumer Forums category; I worked for the C-Cubed Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore for around 10 months. This thread is to inform you that ...

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    Thumbs down C-Cubed Solutions | offers worst BPO Job

    I worked for the C-Cubed Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore for around 10 months. This thread is to inform you that it's the worst BPO in Bangalore. I'll explain all the details from the beginning to let you know why you shouldn't opt to work for the C-Cubed Solutions.

    Promises made in the Orientation Programme are never kept:

    After the selection, the HR held an orientation programme for us (the selected candidates). It was presented in the slide-show that the salary will increase by Rs. 2000-2500 every three months. Luckily I noted the salary increment structure for future references. I'll come back to it later. They also told us that there will be Six Offs + One Casual Leave(CL) every month. However, there are no more than Five Offs within a month and the CLs are rarely given to the employees.

    Another thing promised in the orientation programme was 1 hour lunch/dinner break. I was disappointed when my trainer told me that the break is for only 45 minutes during the training period. I was pissed-off when team-leaders didn't give us more than 30 minutes for break when we went live on the floor.

    Lack of good trainers:

    C-Cubed has contracts for customer/technical support from some reputed firms like Microsoft and Sony VAIO (North America). However, the trainers do not match the quality standards expected by the consumers. This seriously hampers the performance of majority of the work-force when they go live on the floor after one month of training.

    Fines,Fines and more Fines...

    When you go live on the floor, you're expected to work like a horse. You can't even take the single CL even if you've fallen ill as the CLs can be applied only 7-10 days in advance (and that too is often rejected). I wonder how anyone can know that he is going to be sick in advance. There will be Loss of Pay(LOP) if you inform them 6-7 hours before you're expected to report to work. After that, you'll be slapped with a Double Loss of Pay(DLOP). DLOP is a unique term invented by the management of the company which is generating passive revenues for them. It means that you'll loose two days salary if you take one day leave.

    The lack of quality training ensures that you'll make few mistakes on the floor. The fine slapped by the Quality Analysts of the company in the salary slips are heavy. The QA's fine will always be more than your two days salary. Luckily I had skills and my colleagues respected me for that. Still there was not a single month when my hard-earned one day salary went to the coffers of C-Cubed, thanks to the QA fine. It was flabbergasting for me but even more torturous for the lesser mortals who had to forget about their two days salary.

    While it's expected that if you're working in a BPO, you may have to report even on the weekends. However, in the C-Cubed, it is expected that you always work on the weekends, regardless of your commitments to your family and friends. If you don't come on weekends (Saturday-Sunday), there will be an additional fine of Rs. 500 apart from the LOP.

    This in not the end. There are numerous other pity fines ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 500 which makes you wonder if you're doing a charity for the company.

    Horrible infrastructure:

    C-Cubed doesn't own a building. It has two rented offices in the Kormangala area of Bangalore. One of the buildings doesn't have a parking. Hence, don't expect to park your vehicles as it doesn't have proper parking space. Numerous times I've seen vehicles of the poor employees being towed away by the local traffic authorities. Forget about bikes and cars, you can't even park your bicycle there.

    The air-conditioners are Switched-Off most of the times, especially during the day shifts when there are less employees on the floor. Hence, people don't prefer to work in the day shift as it feels like you're sitting inside a furnace with the Computers generating all the heat. It was really suffocating.

    The facilities in the cafeteria is unhygienic and it is open only at night for few hours. As most of the times employees work in night-shifts there. Probably this is the only BPO where the coffee-machine works only during the day time. Hence, saving few more pea-nuts for the organization.

    Poor work culture:

    Most of the team-leaders and the manager on the floor won't give you respect. They will treat you like dogs. I remember one incident where one of my colleagues went to the rest room to empty his bladder. When he returned on the floor in less than 5 minutes, he was humiliated by a team-leader in front of all. The team-leader asked him to leave the desk only when he goes for the allotted 45 minutes break.

    Employees have to literally beg everyday in front of the team-leaders for the lunch/dinner break too. It doesn't matter if you're hungry and well past the lunch/dinner time. Lack of good cafeteria means that often there will be no food when you go around 2-3 AM for your dinner. Hence, it's advisable to carry your own food from home.

    The floor manager, Mr. Pritam Goswami and one SME, Mr. Kishore, will abuse you left and right with high pitch in their voice at any given opportunity and on the floor. I was shocked to watch Mr. Pritam using the F word in front of all the employees on more than one occasion. His vocabulary of profanities is excellent. Watch out for him. I was lucky to maintain good relation with both of them.

    High employee attrition rate:

    Due to the silly rules of the company, majority of the qualified employees leave it after the seven months bond expires. Yes, there is a bond and C-Cubed will take one of your original certificates at the time of joining. They return it only when you complete the bond period.

    There were 7 employees hired from my batch. Before I put down the papers (after 10 months of service), 5 had already resigned. Hence, it ensures that the company will lack quality in terms of service and training. No wonder there are no good trainers, barring one who is the oldest employee there.

    Salary increment never happened as promised:

    I mentioned earlier that it was promised that the salary would increase every 3 months. However, I never got an extra penny during my stay of 10 months at the company. The minimum expected survey score was 75%. For incentives, they said that you have to maintain a minimum of 80% survey score during a month. My survey score was more than 90% for almost all the months. Forget the salary increase, I never got any incentives during my stay. Same was the case with other employees. Whenever the employees, including myself, requested Mr. Pritam to review our work and increase the salary as promised during the orientation programme, he used to come out with few useless Excel sheets


    I strongly advise future and current candidates to look for other options. C-Cubed Solutions Private Ltd. situated in the Kormangala area of Bangalore, India doesn't have any values. No person with self-respect should work there. There are few employees working there for more than one year because they have no other options or they are less qualified.

    There is one saying which goes well for C-Cubed, "If you throw pea-nuts, you'll get monkeys." Hopefully someone from the organization will read this thread and take the necessary steps to redeem it.

    P.S.- Although I never had any issues on personal level with my seniors, but this thread is a tribute to all the employees working there. My colleagues, including one of my trainers requested me to write about the organization when I completed my tenure there. All the best!

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    Thumbs up I totally agree with this article

    i too had worked there for more than 2 yrs. my emp id: 2499.. we could never call that an office.. if u are friendly with the managers then surely u will survive. if not u will be dammed.
    regarding the salary guys believe it or not-after working for 2 yrs my salary was below 8500. i think only once or twice i got 11000.
    i have seen many issues inside the company which includes some incidents that no human being can do. one agent was terminated at 2:30 am. he was not allowed to use the cab to get back home, he was not allowed in the cafeteria and the worst, he wasnt even allowed to stand in the office premise. he had to walk home at that time. guess u can imagine how dangerous it is to walk at night in bangalore.
    the issue with the air conditioning is also true. even at night shifts during the summer season they wont switch on the ac. but will switch on the blower(thank god) and during winter they happily switch it on. but u wont go through this issue unless your the MD, group manager or operations manager.
    if an agent is terminated they wont give any incentives and as per law the company needs to give three months salary in advance. but dont expect this here.
    u get to see team leaders without the knowledge of the process they are handling. i was with a semi-technical process where my team leader didnt even know what is windows xp or windows vista. can u believe that?
    the story here goes on and on and on..... guess there is some way to stop these type of companies.. atleast youngsters can look for something better.

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    Default Fuck OFF

    If you have enough balls (usually two, sometimes 3) and if you have only one SURNAME, get back with your original details... Not with 2499 EMP ID.....

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    Default @ Fuck OFF

    If you have enough balls (usually two, sometimes 3) and if you have only one SURNAME, get back with your original details... Not with 2499 EMP ID.....

    This above line is definitely quoted by the Basterd "Dinesh"... The Fat ass Hole!! ... He used to use such words like Balls...!!

    C Cubed Solutions - Google Maps

    C Cubed Solutions Pvt Ltd - Google Maps

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    Default Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who is that who made this Add??

    Call me on 99_ _ _ _5263 I will send more comments after some time. Guys, Please hold on...

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    Default Very true, one of the worst companies.

    Well, you can't call it a company at all. In my batch, 20 candidates were selected, 18 guys left the job within 4 months, 'cause they had some dignity and self-respect. I left that job within 3 months.

    So, all I want to say is, you can be better without a job than to work in such an environment.

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    Thumbs down Worst BPO in this universe.

    Well friends, this company C-Cubed Solutions should not be called a BPO. Rather, it should be called a bullshit place to work in. First of all, they won't provide you with good product & language training. Secondly, the infrastructure is below poverty line. No proper cafeteria, coffee vending machine and the cab facility also sucks. Talking about a few people like Raghavendra, Raghu, Aneesh, Ravi and Arun. These people are really nice and they are like lotus, blooming in gutter (C Cubed Solutions). Further, talking about Ajo, Dinesh. These two are assholes, bastards. That big fat fool, Dinesh has little or no knowledge about SONY products and most importantly, he doesn't know how to talk. Ajo is like a dog, who nods his tail for respect but doesn't get it from any employee. C Cubed Solutions is providing chat support (SONY CE) to the customers of the U.S and Canada. Employees don't get proper product training and hence, the people of the U.S and Canada don't get proper chat support from us. The people of the U.S and Canada are told that we operate from Florida. But, I think they must be told the truth and this company (C Cubed) should be shut down.
    Last but not the least. My advice to all the people seeking job in a BPO sector would be not to join this company. We are the people who suffered and we don't want any of you guys to suffer. Instead, you guys can try with other BPOs like FirstSource, 24x7, MPhasis etc.
    Good luck guys......"FUCK C CUBED"

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    Thumbs down The worlds most worst company

    HI all, I want to inform to all the viewrs who visit to this site...Please never ever join for CCubed.
    I will tell to the reasons in points so that any1 can understand clearly.

    1. NO satisfiying salary.
    2. NO weekly off's.
    3. NO 2 offs per week.
    4. NO respect for employees.
    5. NO tech support job as they mention in offer letter, its completely sales by cheating customer.
    6. NO proper cab facility...10 members in one tata sumo cab.
    7. They wont give any designation for arround 3 years.
    8. NO sick leave option.
    9. Packka Malyali dominated partiality company.
    10. Every thrice in a week you need to do overtime(Stagaring) without additional salary.
    11. NO proper food facility specially for night shift agents.
    12. You will be working in all fields like Tier-1, Tier-2, Tier-3, calling card, mentor, GL, etc etc but no salary increment or no permanent designation.
    13. They will treat you like slaves who can fulfil their needs.

    I have also written complaint to Microsoft and Sony company regarding the illelegal activities going on in that company.

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    Unhappy Ooooooooooooopssssssssssssss...................... .!

    Vexed a lottttttttttt with the Company standards(ie.., Terms & Conditions)
    No more words to xpress.....................


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    Default Lol

    I agree to all the Above commments ......afterall I have also being a part of this hell ....

    Keep Going Guys ...

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