Dear SKODA Auto Family,

What would you do, if the car company you loved so much brought BLOOD TEARS in your EYES & HEART?

This is not for the simple ecstasy of owning a new Skoda vehicle, but being belittled, and being made to wait for over a year for your SKODA SUPERB.

Would you still be complacent and devote your self to SKODA AUTO? NO, I don’t think so. Please read my current STORY below (as shared with almost everyone, with every country, where Skoda operates).


I have been ardent fan of Skoda Auto family since I can remember. I am the Managing Director of one of the largest import/export stone groups in India. Just because the “Incompetent, Uncaring, and Indifferent Attitude,” of your importer/dealer – “Vinayak Skoda in Bangalore, India, I have decided not to purchase a Skoda or a VW logo vehicle in my life.

Vinayak Skoda, Bangalore, has devastated my hopes of continuing business with your company. Since a little more than the last 1 year, I have been made to run around your company, workshop, made numerous calls, suffered huge taxi (cab) bills. I have been humiliated for a catalytic converter problem with my SKODA SUPERB (DN-09C- 2952). My CAR has no Pick up and does not run beyond 30-40 kms/hr speed.

Vinayak Skoda’s has kept my SUPERB with them almost all of the time, and when they did return to me from intervals ranging from 15 days – 3 months , after giving them on numerious occasions, my problem was still not solved. Firstly, when they took my SUPERB, they said it had a filter problem, and kept my car for over a month. I paid a hefty bill for filter repair. Secondly, it has gone for servicing and checking quiet a few times, wherein I have hardly had the opportunity to see my vehicle, let alone drive it. Thirdly, Vinayak Skoda, has given me false promise and assurances every single time, by saying that, ‘Don’t worry, we are still working on your problem. Initially we knew it was catalytic converter, but now we don’t know what the problem is’. Surprising??

How my faith in your motto, “Quality First” was SHATTERED!!

I agree that SKODA AUTO is run by humans and not immortals, which will solve your problems within few moments. But, I was completely broken and left alone by the false accusations and wrong messages that have been passing around in your SKODA Company by your very own, “GM- Praveen Patil- Vinayak Skoda, Bangalore.

He has been instrumental in increasing my pain and this has resulted in me to continue talking to levels below than his. He would show great enthusiasm in the beginning and did listen to my problems really patiently. Since 1 year he has all my consent for repairing the vehicle and returning it back to me in the mint condition as I had bought it first. Why would not I as a SKODA SUPERB owner want to pay whatever expenses are incurred and receive my vehicle at the earliest? I did request him to see what best he could do to reduce my expenses. PERIOD. Rather he has turned the tables on me and spread the word that I cannot AFFORD the REPAIR. Really?

He has not come on the phone for the last few months, he has always been traveling, and he has not called back even once. I have been made to speak to Mr. Vishwanath (at Vinayak Service station) and Mr. Prasad (who had a strong negative approach about him, and wanted everything to be solved, just because he had called for the first time in 1 year, today).

He kept bellowing at me with a simple fact, “GM- Praveen Patil of Vinayak Skoda” is no longer employed with Skoda Auto. I was shocked, and could not believe that I had been left alone, by your very own GM- of Vinayak Skoda, and that he had after 3-4 months told some service manger to call and tell me, that you catalytic converter will so much and we need your consent. How could he just go away from your family leaving me and other customers in the dust? Did he not consider his responsibility to solve the matter? Is he still with you or trying to save his face?

Did I not give you my consent, when you took my vehicle 1 year back? I told them.

VINAYAK SKODA, BANGALORE- kept giving my vehicle it to me, just to see, that I would not miss my vehicle and that you were doing some work always on it. I have not used my SKODA SUPERB for 10 days at a stretch even once for the last over 1 year lakhs of rupees as taxi bills.

SKODA SUPERB- “Does it or can it ever, stand up to the service levels, which we as humble owners expect from your company”. What is the meaning of SKODA AUTO or the word SUPERB.

Lastly, I am eliminating myself from your SKODA or VW family with a final request; please repair my SKODA SUPERB, DONOT keep it with you anymore and show FURTHER NEGLECT, provide MIXED REPLIES and RETURN it back to me the speed and pick up it had when I first bought it.

Sincerely Yours,

Sourabh Agarwal- Bangalore

Email 2

Dear Skoda,


I am disheartened at your approach. It is a total shame, that this is the first email received from you. After so many calls and personal visits, and my email to entire Skoda Family in India, this is what you have to say?

Now you are trying to save your face by showing your good customer service for the FIRST TIME ONLY in 1 year through email?

Kindly note the following facts ( which are REAL ). :

1. You say, we didnot give approval ( a. We have given our car to you since more than 1 year, what other approval do you need?)

2. You say April month, 23rd April ( we didnot give approval for changing catalyic converter, I have a copy of the pre order, where it clearly states the problem ( repeat). I Didnot have my car , I had to pay lakhs in taxi fares, why would I not give you approval).

You are probably writing that I didnot need change of Catalyic Converter, because you could not find the part and now are trying to put the blame on us.

3. Your GM- Mr. Praveen Patil is one of the most inefficient people we have come across. He has only made FALSE PROMISES and Assurances, every single time over the phone. If he had done his job properly, we would not have been exchanging such nice emails.

NOW he has not or you have informed us when he left since the last few months. WHENEVER we have called your company, you have told us he is in a meeting either in Bangalore or outside. Sometimes, he was in training, sometimes he was on leave, etc. Upto 17th of this month. Plus yesterday when Mr. Vishwanath called, he STUMBLED. He didnot know what proper reply to give me for his INEFFICIENCY.

One moment he said again he was in training, and the minute after he said he had left your company?? Is this a JOKE you are trying to play with us? So I dont know which is true. I am as usual a HELPLESS CUSTOMER and at the MERCY of great VINAYAK SKODA.

4. I have given you all the approvals many times, over phone, to different people. Every time, you send a bill and charge us, first for, filter, then service, then give false hope and keep our car for months. I guess the record of the same is evident to entire skoda family in India.

5. Do CHECK your job card and so send us a copy, showing, how many times my car ( DN-09C-2952) has come to Vinayak Skoda for the same problem.

6. You have changed the parts, different parts, many times, repaired many times. First you told us that it was water problem due to rain, that stopped the car from pulling. After sometime, you gave us another reason for service. Then few months later it was Catalyic Converter.

7. You have also kept my vehicle for long durations many times, and giving false hope of cleaning the existing catalyic converter.

8. Keeping the aforementioned statements in mind, I already have given you many approvals.But, your indifferent nature, still makes you ask for more??

9. Everytime, you have charged us and the vehicle has not performed at all. You can also notice from your records, how many KMS we would actually run the vehicle.

I dont know if you trying to create DRAMA and turn the tables.

Your SKODA service at VINAYAK SKODA , BANGALORE is pathetic, terrorizing, troubling. VINAYAKA SKODA does not SAFEGUARD the interest of its customers.Your approach to clients problems is treacherous, unstable and wicked.

Warm Regards,

Rajendra Agarwal