Selling product at much higherprice than MRP
Re: Sales of Air Conditioners made with deceptive & misleading ways leading to fraud.

Ref: Inv no. PS/001 Dtd: 19/4/12 for 3 units of Air conditioners.

Selling Out dated product deceptively & later misleading by saying its better than the new model.
Selling used product or unsealed product.
Most importantly selling at higher than MRP.

I bought 3 AC'S from Harmony House, park street, Kokata (1 window & 2 Split).

The salesman suggested us that Voltas is best suited for our requirement for the Split AC & for the Window AC we should go for BLUE STAR for 27000/- + 22000/- + 19500/-.

We made the total payment in cash.

On 23rd April around afternoon the ACís got delivered to us but the very next day morning the delivery guy came back to our office saying he need to exchange the AC delivered the day before because of some mistake he made on the model to be delivered.

To our surprise the 1 of the ACís delivered was unsealed as if it has been used before, secondly the MRP written of the product was much less than what we were billed at, and finally as we enquired about the model mentioned on the product we got to know that its an out dated model and no longer available except only a select few who has old stock.

We even called up the VOLTAS company to find out the fact & was informed that they have stopped manufacturing since 2010-11 hence its no longer available.

We called up Mr. Mallay and charged him as why he deceived us & mislead us by selling an out dated product at a price higher than MRP for which he didnít have any convincing answer and said it's the policy of the VOLTAS company and he cannot do anything about it.

Till date we have not got this ACís installed, and my employees are suffering the terrible heat for the last 15 days.

We would like to know from you what can we do against such company for misleading buyers & cheating them.