respected sir,

This complaint post is regarding the puricom helpline center, we had our last servicing for the instrument on the 28th of april 2012, an executive came to check the machine and change whatever parts needed to be changed. But shortly after a few days the water filter has been leaking. this was immediately reported to the consumer helpline service. It has been atleast ten days since we have filed the complaint but no engineer has shown up till now.
They are refusing to come for the problem because we chose not to do an AMC for the product, as it was optional. Every time we call, they simply give the excuse that our destination is too far for an executive/engineer to come to solve just one issue in the area, and would not come unless they do not have more complaints from the area.
Kindly look into the matter as the filter has been leaking for ten days now, and it does get frustrating after a certain time...
My location is; flt 1002, RR2 apartments, charmwood village, surajkund road, faridabad, haryana, 121009.

Phone: +91 9717059575