I (unfortunately) bought a desert cooler model- winter from symphony via dealer-Joyti electrical (add: Kashipur-Uttrakhand) dated 01.05.2011 after seeing the adds on TV with abstract of cooler. But to my surprise that i have suffered 3 times , First incident took place when -
After purchasing within 15days motor of that cooler burnt & i launched
Complained but after continuous mail & phones this problem rectified after two weeks & it was summer day due this my family lot suffered & also sick.
In this summer when i start my cooler after running 5hours its one blade broken down.My children suffered & sick also; their exam also suffered and my wife injured.
On 1st of may 2012 it was under warranty & i launched complaint to dealer but they did not registered & take any action; then we register complaint on symphony online-PMR-4E-12005
Dated -4/5/2012 but no action have been taken, again i have registered then agency of haldwani.
But till date no action has been taken.
CLAIM - :::
1) Defective cooler have been supplied to me;i need new cooler instead of this.
2) My all work with replacement should be done without any amount.
3) My family lot suffered & we have rings & gone to dealer, mentally we lot suffered
And my children also sick.
4) Till date no action; as a compensation amount i need Rs 12000/-+Change this defective
Cooler with new one.