We bought an IFB microwave oven model 30SC2 on 03-july-2010 after paying a handsome amount of 11,600/- INR from a reputed shop called AGRAWAL MOTORS at Jabalpur, MP. Just after 18 days of purchase the microwave crashed showing no heating at microwave functions and we filed a complaint on 22-July-2010 for the very same. Since then the microwave crashed so many times, sometimes an issue with Magnetron, sometimes Display and sometimes just unknown faults... We contacted IFB several times asking for replacement of their faulty product. at first they just blabber like 'its a small problem and will be sorted shortly' but later they start saying 'its been a long time after purchase and we cant do that now'.. we talked with ASM of IFB for this, but that women started blaming us that we are having some issues with power lines. after that we made our house power lines checked for twice 'coz of them but the electrician didn't found a single problem in it. Since the purchase of this trash made by IFB we have not enjoyed a single month of non-troubled usage. The service center itself is enough to make you laugh and make you cry in awe for the quality of IFB. The service representatives always came late ranging from few days to months. right now its been 3 months from last complaint and we didn't have any attention from IFB. I am enclosing a list of my complaint numbers with date and then you will see the real face of IFB and its product..

IFB Customer Care 0761 39004321
Customer Name= S. K. Soni
Registered Phone Number= 4053408, 9713424583
Email ID= soumitrasoni@gmail.com
Customer Code= 2368835

Complaint Number----------------Date Of Complaint
5460292-------------------------22-November-2010 [Microwave sent to Bhopal by service center which returned on 5-March-2011]
7069419-------------------------02-September-2011[No attention from service center for nearly 4 months]
8393806-------------------------02-Feb-2012[service center executives came and cracked some wires and then just 2 hours later Microwave Oven crashed again... No words from IFB later then]

As you can see what sort of troubles we faced just because we purchase an IFB appliance and the company didn't even bother to exchange the faulty product... anyways we have filed a complaint on consumer forum and sent 2 notices to the company's office, but no words from them, so finally a summon has been sent by the court to the company and we are hoping to get some relief.