I bought the LG Washing machine, semi automatic on 22 Feb 12.
The machine was a defective unit as the cloth when put in the dryer gets yellow stain even if there is no yellow cloth in the dryer.

Below is the summary of actions:

Date Complaint # Remarks
26-Apr-12 RNA120426075751 Raised the first complaint that the cloth gets yellow stains in dryer even if there is no yellow cloth in the dryer
Engineer came to check the machine and just cleaned the dryer with harpic and brush. He told that if the problem persist then I should call him
30-Apr-12 RNA120430013295 The problem was still there and I had to raise another complaint. The engineer came and advised that the machine would be taken to the service centre
2-Apr-12 The engineer came and took the machine on 2 Apr 12. There was no information if the machine has reached the service centre or the test has started etc
7-Apr-12 I called up LG service centre on 7 Apr 12 to check the status, they informed me that it would take another 4 days
7-Apr-12 I asked them the reason for delay and why was I not informed on 2 Apr 12, they told that the machine would be delivered to me the next day (8 Apr 12)
8-Apr-12 I received the machine on 8 Apr 12. I doubt if any test was carried out on the machine as they first asked for 4 more days but when I asked for the reason for delay they returned the machine the next day.
8-Apr-12 Machine was in a very bad condition, it had scrathes all over the body. The machine is in a very pathetic condition
9-Apr-12 RNA120509072024 I raised another complaint asking for an engineer to show the demo of the "corrected machine" and why the machine had so many scrathes.
10-Apr-12 An engineer came on 10 Apr 12 and I showed the same problem to him in the machine. He saw the yellow stains on the bed sheet that I washed in front of him. I also asked for the reason for scrathes and if the machine was ever tested. He had no reply to my questions.
10-Apr-12 While going from my home he said that the machine was checked in his presence in the service centre and that there was no yellow stain.
10-Apr-12 Why was I not informed from the service centre that there are no yellow stains found in the service centre.
I also checked the job sheet that the engineer was carrying, it had the complaint number that I raised on 9 Apr 12, this means he acted on my complaint for demo and was not aware that I have already received the machine.

I want to get my machine replaced as the machine is just 2.5 months old and is still under warranty.

Please guide me


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