This is to bring to your kind notice that I am not getting service and my complaint has not been attended despite repeated calls to the Carrier Service Center.
My complaint no is KOL092. Everytime, I call them, they say that I had a balance due with their service dealer. But the real fact is that the company listens to the service dealer whatever they say. Their service dealer had serviced once my AC and charged for the ones which they did not do. They initially said something but when they sent the bill, the amount was too high. I said them that I am ready to pay whatever initially they asked, but they refused and even they abused me and my family.
The service center name is : Meho MCP
The person who abused is : Mr. Jayanta Saha

I want to know, why the company dont ask them to behave properly with the customers. They only know to earn money, but simple ettiquettes are lagging behind.
In this scenario, I asked the company to refund my money and take back the AC as its under warranty but they refused.
Now please he suggest what to do, as my AC is not working properly from the day of my purchase and I am not getting any service from their end.

My contact No is: 9477445565