Just want to share an insight about Philips. I bought a Philips 42' LED TV 4000 series around 6-7 months back. All was working well until 29th April, when I was not able to see any picture on my TV (could only hear sound). I complained on the toll free no. given on the website on 30th April. A technician came the same day and after reading the situation said there is some problem with the board which needs to get replaced. He said me that, as Tuesday(1st May) is a holiday, someone would call me on Wednesday (3rd May) and the part would be replaced. I waited until evening on Wednesday but I did not receive a call. Thankfully, I had the no. of the technician and called him. He said me that the part would arrive on Friday (5th May); so I need to wait until then.
Again, not receiving any call, I called him in the evening. The reply I got was that the part has not arrived till now and will come late evening so the TV would be repaired on Saturday (6th May). When I called him on Saturday, he said the replacement part which has come is also faulty; so he is arranging it from some local dealer; I need to wait till Monday (9th May). No one came neither did anyone called on Monday. When I inquired, I was told that the part will be replaced on Tuesday (10th May). Well finally someone came the next day; and the TV was repaired.
When I switched on my TV on Wednesday morning (11th May); I faced the same problem. My ordeal started again; called the technician. He came late in the evening. To my horror; he could not figure out the problem and said someone would come the next day i.e Friday (12th May). Well indeed someone came in the afternoon and after inspecting the TV said the part which got replaced was not the problematic one (by mistake the technician had replaced the part which was working fine). What followed was outrageous. He told me to wait until Thursday (18th May ) for the part to come. I asked him to provide me another TV till the time my TV gets repaired. He said “aise sab ko TV dete rahe to ho gaya”.
I have already called Philips customer care, technician n no. of times. I reside in Mumbai where Philips takes 20 days for a TV to get repaired. God knows what happens for a small town consumer. Yesterday I called the toll free no. of Philips to talk to a senior person; the response I got was hilarious. He said me the person in escalation department has not come today and that I will get a call on Saturday (13th May). When I asked that there is only a single person in the escalation team; he had no answer to it. Just want to caution any future buyer of Philips India product about the after sales service you get from a MNC.
My complaint no’s are: PMUM3004120053 and PMUM1105120055