I raised a support ticket for my Samsung Washing Machine but after continuous follow up from my side I written up this mail to support.india@samsung.com. But I received only that we will look after it.

Hello All,

Subject: Report of Samsung Washing Machine Complaint Number: 8405861251pending for repair.

This is to bring to your kind knowledge that I logged a complaint for my Samsung Fully Automatic Washing Machine dated 10/08/10 with complaint number 8405861251

1. I placed the request to check the status of my washing machine that what is required to make it fully function as the body is got rusted and the external body got damaged due to which I am unable to wash cloth properly (machine is working properly)

2. On 12th of Aug’10 engineer from Samsung visited to my house and said that machine is ok and we have to replace the external body of the machine and for this we need to check the part availability in store and after that we will take it to our workshop for replacement of body as this is not possible here (my house).

3. The estimated budget is approx. Rs. 3200 as per your engineer.

4. I called up your engineer on 14th Aug to know the availability of part, but he replied that he will inform me when he will receive any update from his ware house (but till date no phone call on update).

5. I called up your customer care support on 17th Aug’10 and get guarantee that by today evening you will receive call back from our concerned department and will update you (but till date no phone call on update).

6. I again called up your customer care on 19th Aug’10 that why I haven’t receive any call from your department as per discussion on 17th Aug, then again I got assured that by today you will receive call back from our concerned department and will update you (but till date no phone call on update).

7. I again called up your customer care on 21st Aug’10 and your representative ask me to hold line for a sec (as I called up the customer care so many times and I am not getting proper response) so he transfer my call to his Senior person, but sorry to say that after holding the line for approx. 12-15 min I am still on line and no-one is on other side, so I disconnect the call.

8. After 10 days I am writing this mail to all of you as I want to know the status of my complaint.

Now my questions to Samsung:


1. How much time will it required form Samsung Company to resolve any complaint?

2. Is there no responsibility from Samsung Customer Care to inform the customer that what is the status of his complaint?

3. Is Samsung only responsible for selling up the products and not responsible for providing services to customer once it sold? If yes, then please mention it, the moment you were selling your product.

4. Please let me know whether you solving my problem or should I move to consumer court for the same? The choice is of Samsung because I am really fed up from regular follow-up to Samsung for my complaint, for which I have to pay Samsung. And I explained these things more than thrice to Samsung representatives.

I request you to please help me what to do?