I have logged a complaint on 16th of April 2012 to the Whirlpool Customer Service regarding the Refrigerator not working
The Case Id ahve been given as HD041211782
Later after following up The technician have visited on 18th of April, made the Bill for the below,Bill No:970
1.Steblizer -1650
2.Core Beerd Box - 1000
3.U R Board - 250
4.Service Charges - 300

The Technician have told that the automatic defrost system is not working, hence he will have to get the part.
He told that the part is unavailable and will fix it once it is available in the market after few 4 days

Later got the message that the ticket have been closed
Called the custonmer service and opened the new ticket HD0412021462
Tried calling the customer Service since then, but there was no proper response.
On 5th May 2012 Called the customer service and got this escalated to higher authority
Got a call from Srikanth Yadav, Manager of Whirlpool Service Centre, saying that he got the escalation email which he hda again escalated to Pondocherry for the part.
He told that the part will be courired by Monday Afternoon and he will send a Technician in the evening of Monday.
Called the customer service and there was an update that the part is still not available
Tried calling Srikanth Yadav, and was informed that Yadav will be contacting in 5 minutes, but there is no call. 9392260434 (srikanth Yadav)

Please help since its been almost a month, that the refrigerator is not working.

Very poor customer service of Whirlpool and A Bad Product.